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Roll20 Hits 5 Million Users, Announces Dynamic Lighting Rework

March 4, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Roll20 has reached a major milestone, passing the 5 million user mark as it prepares to roll out a new update to its popular Dynamic Lighting feature. The virtual tabletop platform for roleplaying games announced on Wednesday that it reached the 5 million mark today, two years after it surpassed 3 million. The announcement noted that Roll20 is the largest virtual tabletop in service, and added that next up for the platform is a big update to Dynamic Lighting to “integrates all lighting controls in one streamlined system.”

The first preview for the Dynamic Lighting feature will be available next week for subscribers, though you can see a GIF that Roll20 released that shows the new system in action below. Dynamic Lighting is a tool that allows DMs and Game Masters to easily control what the players see in game based on what their characters would have access to see, keeping the rest of the map hidden and the DM/GM’s planned surprises under wraps until the right moment.

Roll20 has official support for a host of systems including Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, FATE, Cypher System, and Pathfinder, with the ability for GMs and players to play across the internet with voice, video chat and more. Recent updates to the platform have included the ability for users to upload their own audio and create custom token markers for unique status effects and other such uses.

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