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Roll20 To Offer Day One Support For Pathfinder Second Edition

July 30, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Pathfinder Second Edition

If you’re raring to get into Pathfinder Second Edition when it launches at Gen Con, good news: Roll20 has you covered. The popular virtual tabletop has announced that it will have Day One support for the new edition of the fantasy adventure roleplaying game when it launches on Thursday.

Roll20’s support for the system will include a fully-developed character sheet that includes click-to-roll abilities, weapons, and more. In addition the Second Edition Core Rulebook will be available for the game with Compendium Sharing so GMs can share content with their players. There will be a character art pack with over 230 tokens and handouts created from the Core Rulebook’s art. And in addition, you can sync your Paizo and Roll20 accounts to unlock the PDF on Paizo when you’ve purchased the Core Rulebook from Roll20, or get a discount on the Roll20 product if you buy the PDF on your Paizo account.

Roll20 will also had the first campaign of Pathfinder Second Edition, Fall of Plaguestone Adventure Path, converted to Roll20 in mid-August, as well as drag and drop functionality for spells, items, and class features, as well as Charactermancer support for ease in making new characters.

Pathfinder Second Edition is set to launch on August 1st.

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