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Rotor Riot (iOS) Device Review

September 19, 2019 | Posted by Adam Larck
Rotor Riot
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Rotor Riot (iOS) Device Review  

When mobile gaming was created, the goal was simple: easy games that could be played with just a tap of the screen.

Like console games, though, the mobile gaming scene has evolved. While you still have simple games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, full console experiences, from Linage 2 to Dead Cells, Civilization and more now are experiences not just relegated to the PC and consoles. Even games like the Asphalt series have evolved over the years from a simple racer to a gorgeous experience.

So, with this advancement in gaming comes the need to advance the way we play them. While controllers have been tried in the past, they haven’t had much success.

Now, we have the Rotor Riot, one that not only wants to make iOS gaming easy, but even streaming games easy.

The first key feature the controller has for it when streaming games is clickable thumbsticks. This is a first for iOS gaming controllers, and a feature that works great on some iOS games as well as your console games being streamed.

The controller also allows for a pass-through charge by plugging your cable into the bottom of the controller, the controllers own lighting cable goes into your device to be able to use it. Device can either be set somewhere to play, or attached to the controller via the Zero Gravity holder that can be detached if not in use. Even with a device attached to the controller, the Rotor Riot still stays relatively lightweight, making long gaming sessions bearable.

The Rotor Riot does require an app to be downloaded (Ludu Mapp), as well as any games or streaming apps you want to play. While it does work with the major streaming apps (PS4 Remote Play, Steam Link, Moonlight, etc.), there’s also several games it supports as well. To date, over 1,000 games can be used with the controller, and the ones I tested handled great (games tried included Rogue Legacy, Asphalt 9, Lineage 2 and Fortnight).

Overall, the controller will look similar to an Xbox controller, including the colored face buttons, triggers and bumpers, and analog and D-pad position. However, what’s missing is the back button. On games that require both the Menu and Back button, there’s really no feature to remap, so you’re just out of luck on those limited amount of titles.

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The Rotor Riot may not be the best controller ever, but it is one of the top ones for iOS owners. While the lack of the Back/Share button can cause some issues with select games, it shouldn't hamper most games that can be streamed.  If you find yourself playing a lot of mobile games in your freetime, the Rotor Riot is a sound investment for your gaming sessions.

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