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SDCC: The Walking Dead: March to War Preview

August 5, 2017 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
The Walking Dead: March to War

During this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Skybound Interactive and Disruptor Beam provided 411mania with a special early look at the upcoming mobile game The Walking Dead: March to War. March to war is a new, upcoming story-driven multiplayer strategy based on Robert Kirkman’s iconic zombie franchise. The new game is being developed for mobile devices, but looks like it will be very in-depth and comprehensive.

The Walking Dead: March to War takes its cues from the comic iteration of the game. So the overall look and design of the game world and character models are taken from the comics more so than the iconic, popular live-action television series. In March to War, players take refuge in their own bases around a devastated Washington, D.C. in areas that infested by walkers. The object is for players to build up their colonies and resources to try and rebuild society. Each player gets to assemble their own teams and head council members that will be made up actual characters from The Walking Dead franchise. That means that players will get access to characters such as Rick Grimes, Michonne, and even Negan for their own personal teams.

As far as a mobile strategy goes, March to War looks pretty in-depth. The gameplay for the preview is reminiscent of Clash of Clans, but with a serious, zombie apocalypse makeover. All the battle and strategy moves are made in real time. Players might have to fight off human enemies or hordes of undead walkers. The game has both online competitive and cooperative gameplay features. Players can actually befriend other colonies and work together, or they can discover other players’ bases and attack them in a fight to steal their resources.

The game has a nice mix of famous locations from the comic, such as Alexandra, and even real-life landmarks as well, including the White House. The gameplay overview maps and locations all look nicely rendered, especially for a mobile game title. Players can focus on upgrading, customizing and building up their bases along with their council members and players that make up their groups. Based on what was shown, navigation throughout the overview maps looks fairly simple and easy to pick up.

The Council System is vital to the gameplay. Players can build up their Council Members by collecting special Comic Covers within the game. Each Council Member has their own specialized skill and brings something different to the table for helping the group, such as faster movement on the ground, damage dealt to enemies, or collecting more resources for the player’s community.

The PvP elements for the game are also pretty in-depth. While other players might collaborate to attack another player’s community, the player under attack can set up garrisons or raiding parties for defense against attacks. So, players can pool their resources and work together and help each other, help each other attack another player, or even help each other to defend their own communities.

So far, the upcoming mobile strategy title is looking like a promising installment in terms of the numerous game titles based on evergreen franchise. The Walking Dead: March to War is due to launch later this summer for Android and iOS devices. Players can also pre-register for the game now for Android devices at the Google Play Store.