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Sean Astin’s Grimmerspace RPG Brings Sci-Fi Horror to Starfinder

May 28, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

A new Starfinder setting is on the way from Lord of the Rings star Sean Astin, Grimmerspace, which brings horror and magic to the sci-fi RPG. Astin has teamed up with game designer Rone Barton of Iron GM Games and novelist/game designer Lou Agresta (Razor Coast) for the new setting, which describes itself as “Starfinder like never before.”

The Grimmerspace setting takes place in a galaxy where science reigns supreme, until ancient wizards from the other side of the universe invade. The result is, to use the description from the game’s Kickstarter, “gritty terrorscapes, alien atrocities, and tough moral choices.” Astin, who is serving as the creative director for the game, appears in a video you can see below where he describes the setting in more detail.

Starfinder is the space setting from Paizo, best known for their Pathfinder Roleplaying Game which is the chief rival to D&D in terms of fantasy games. Starfinder is built on Pathfinder’s mechanics and supports adventure paths and material from both Paizo and third-party publishers like Grimmerspace.

The Kickstarter is currently only five days old, but has already brought in $68,264 which is almost seven times the $10,000 goal. They’re blowing through stretch goals already which include expanded setting material and adventures, a digital map pack and more.

You can find out more at the Kickstarter here, as well as contribute. $20 will get you the PDFs of Grimmerspace and $40 will get you print copies. There are contibutor levels going much higher if that interests you as well.