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Sega Sets 2019 North American Release For Judgment

December 9, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

The game will release later this month in Japan and comes from the developers of the Yakuza series. Taking place in Tokyo district of Kamurocho, Judgment places players in the role of Private Detective Takayuki Yagami, who is on the hunt for a mysterious serial killer. Once a promising defense attorney, he was damned by his fellow attorneys and the public after one of his old clients acquitted of a previous criminal charge was caught by police for murdering his girlfriend. As such, he’s forced to work as a PI in order to make ends meet and take on odd jobs from time to time.

To get to the bottom of this deadly mystery, Yagami will need to use every tool and skill as a PI at his disposal; tailing suspects and chasing them down if the need arises, taking incriminating photos with his phone and remote-controlled drones, cornering persons of interest with damning evidence, and fighting his way to the truth – through brute force, if necessary. In addition to its hard-hitting crime drama story, Judgment will also afford the player a chance to cut loose with a variety of minigames.

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