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Smash Bros. Melee Tournaments Ban Controversial ‘Wobbling’ Technique

February 17, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Smash Bros. Melee

Wobbling is on the way out of Smash Bros.’ esports competitions. Several tournaments have banned the controversial technique per Kotaku and IGN, with the latter reporting that Canadian fighting game championship has become the latest to lay down the banhammer on the maneuver.

“Wobbling” is a technique used exclusively by players who main the Ice Climbers. The maneuver involves the player desynching the climbers, then performing a grab. They then proceed to bash opponents until defeat with the grab, as it becomes inescapable.

GOML joins Smash Melee organizers in Tennessee, Kentucky, Montana, and Colorado in banning the technigue, which has generally been allowed in tournaments. Reaction to the bans have been split, with most fans generally seeming happy with the change — though there are certainly dissenters. The technique (and thus the ban) is only possible in Smash Bros. Melee. GOML takes place from May 17th to the 19th in Toronto.