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SNES Classic Pre-Orders Sell Out Immediately

August 23, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
SNES Classic Gamescom - Super NES Classic Edition

Kotaku reports that the SNES Classic went-up for pre-sale early Tuesday morning and immediately sold out, leaving many fans upset that they missed their chance. Nintendo allowed Amazon and Best Buy to open up pre-orders, with Best Buy starting at 1:30 AM ET and Amazon going live at 5 AM ET. According to Yahoo, it only took half an hour. If this seems similar to the NES Classic, that’s only because it is. When that console was released, there was a supply issue with retailers online and in-store before it was eventually discontinued.

This particular incident upset fans who were too late to get pre-orders in or missed it entirely because it was so late at night/early in the morning.

The mini-console is set to include twenty games and a rewind feature that lets you correct mistakes you made. It officially arrives on September 29. Nintendo has also promised that there will be more units available than there were for the SNES Classic.

Nintendo updated their official website for the SNES Classic and said that pre-orders will be available at GameStop and Target later on. However, there were problems there as well. Target’s online story had issues, which led to people going through the checkout process only to find out the SNES Classic was no longer available. Gamestop’s website had server issues, possibly due to the sheer amount of people trying to obtain units. Gamestop and ThinkGeek then began selling pre-orders in special bundles, including extra items like a Zelda-themed chess game. This increased the price from $80 to $100 or $120.

What’s worse, eBay was quickly hit with a lot of resellers who got the console and upped the price by 300%.

It remains to be seen how Nintendo recovers from this, as they had said things would be different following the NES Mini debacle.

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