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Star Trek Adventures RPG Sets Details of Next Sourcebooks, New Missions Book

February 8, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Star Trek Adventures

Modiphius Entertainment has set down release dates for the next books in the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game. The company has announced that the Sciences Division hadrcover book will release on February 19th, with their Alpha Quadrant sourcebook arriving in July. In addition, a new missions book titled Strange New Worlds will release in August.

The Sciences Division supplement finishes off a trilogy of sourcebooks that give players and GMs material on the three Starfleet divisions (namely Command, Operations, and Sciences). The Science Division supplement will feature a detailed exploration of the sciences division, covering the science and medical departments, Starfleet Exploratory Division, Starfleet Science, and Starfleet Medical. It will also include information on including the fan-favorite Q (the all-powerful race most commonly represented by John de Lancie in Star Trek: The Next Generation) in campaigns as well as new options for science-based characters, and science and medical equipment not yet covered by the game. GMs will have rules to create new types of alien beings and new rules for diseases. NPC stats for the likes of Carol Marcus, Noonian Soong, and Zefram Cochrane are also included. It will be available in both print and PDF at and DriveThruRPG starting on the 19th, and at your local gaming store soon after.

The Alpha Quadrant book will (unsurprisingly) focus on that section of the galaxy and includes information on Deep Space 9, the Cardassian Union, the Ferengi Alliance, and the Maquis.

FInally, the Strange New Worlds mission book will contain ten original missions to play through, featuring exploration on dangerous planets and in weird environments. It includes adventure material from Star Trek fiction writers like Christopher L. Bennett and RPG designers like Jason Bulmahn (Pathfinder).

The Star Trek Adventures system launched in late 2017 and is available online at, DriveThruRPG and at local gaming stores.