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StoneAge World: Tips for Starting Out

July 2, 2020 | Posted by Adam Larck
Stone Age World

Netmarble recently released its newest mobile RPG: StoneAge World.

The title has two distinct elements to it: a creature-catching side and the battle side. Like many mobile titles, the battle side can be completely automated. For the sake of this article, I won’t focus much on the system, except to note to not forget to do your quests and sidequests to keep grinding for items and levels for your creatures.

With that said, I’ll be focusing on some tips and discussing the systems involved in catching and training the creatures to give you a great team in the game.

Like Pokemon, you can find creatures roaming around the wild, which you can walk up to and either choose Capture Pet or Fast Capture. I honestly skipped Fast Capture for two reasons: 1. You use up more ropes needed to catch creatures and 2. You could miss out on the opportunity to find rarer creatures that appear in battle.

In battle, multiple creatures tend to show up at once. Often, at least one will be rare or have a unique look. These are the ones to focus on for stronger creatures or skins you can equip for a boost.

There are three skills you can use besides trying to capture a creature: a standard hit, throwing a stone or building a fence. The standard hit doesn’t use any Vitality but causes low damage. A stone throw uses some vitality, but causes more damage, letting you capture quicker. The fence causes some damage too, but the big draw here is to trap a creature that may be trying to run away. Again, there’s a vitality cost.

Even if you run out of vitality in combat (which can be replenished using gems or sometimes through quest rewards), the basic attack and capture can still be used. As long as your percentage is 80% or above, you normally have good odds at throwing a rope and capturing. Just make sure to keep well-stocked in ropes to never run out at a critical moment.

All creatures fall into one of four elements: Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth. However, many have dual elements that can be both beneficial and a hindrance, as twice the strengths also mean twice the weaknesses. The more points they have in an element, the higher their damage will be and higher their weakness will be.

The rarity system for pets can also affect the growth rate of their stats. The HP, attack, defense, and dexterity can have different rarities (C, B, A, etc). The higher the rarity the better the growth rate. So, a creature with all A growth rates will have higher stats than the same creature with B and C growth rates. Growth rates can also be increased through the Growth Rate Upgrade feature at level 30.

Another area to consider is the skills each creature has in combat. From strong single creature attacks to AoE damage and healing, make sure to build a rounded team to handing every situation. some good ones to consider are a Monas for healing the group, Nordor for some big damage, and Tessail to heal itself to survive longer.

Now that you’ve gotten some background on catching creatures, go check out StoneAge World today on iOS and Android and start building your own dream team.

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