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Superhero RPG Capers Goes Noir With New Supplement

March 14, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

The 1920s superhero gangster game Capers is getting an infusion of pulp noir for its latest Kickstarter supplement. Craig Campbell’s NerdBurger Games has launched a crowdfunding campaign for Capers Noir, which advances the setting to the 1940s in Los Angeles where, in the words of the Kickstarter, “nefarious criminals, corrupt cops, and creatures that lurk in the night” fill the world.

Capers is a particularly interesting take on the superhero roleplaying game. In the game, players portray superpowered people – called “capers” by the general populace, and can play gangsters or law enforcement at odds in the vice-heavy era. The game uses a simple but unique mechanic that just requires a poker deck for each player. Players flip cards to determine the success of failure of actions instead of using dice and can flip up to a certain number of cards. Thus, if they get a number of pips that indicates a low level of success, you can possibly keep going. However, you have to take the last card you flip, meaning that you’re gambling on your odds of turning up a better result.

Capers Noir carries the setting’s time line forward twenty years, but also and includes new content that can be used in the base game without need of modifications. The description reads, “It’s the 1940s in the United States. World War 2 has wrought such destruction that the veil between this world and the world of the dead has thinned. Monsters have crept in. You are a criminal or a cop in a noir landscape of crime, corruption, red eyes in the shadows, and bumps in the night…and you have super-powers!”

The Kickstarter has already reached five times its required funding just three days, bringing in $4,056 so far of the $800 goal. NerdBurger has set six stretch goals, five of which have been reached already. Those who back the game can choose to get the new supplement, the core game itself, or both depending on backer levels.

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