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Sylas The Unchained Is the Next Champion Coming To League of Legends

January 14, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Sylas the Unchained League of Legends

Riot Games has unveiled the next champion that is coming to League of Legends in Sylas the Unchained. The company released a new video introducing the champion, which you can see below.

Sylas’ origin story reveals that he was, as a boy, a prisoner who was conscripted into capturing fellow mages. Eventually he broke free and set out on his own path of revolution. His champion page notes, “Once I was a prisoner. Like you. Locked away by cowards and hypocrites. Left to die for the way I was born. Nothing to live for but vengeance. Nothing to lose but my chains. Yet in the revolution to come—our revolution—these chains will liberate us all. And I will make sure we are never shackled again.”

As for game play, Sylas’ abilities allow him mobility and allow him to weave in basic attacks with his magical assaults. His trademark ability, Hijack, allows him to copy an enemies’ ultimate and use it against him, which allows him deep flexibility in terms of utility.

Sylas’ “Tips and Tricks” from his official page are below:

* Crush your foes in combat by weaving in basic attacks after each spell cast for maximum damage. The perfect sequence includes a Petricite Burst after every ability, leaving enemies bruised and broken—if not dead.
* Consider all your options when Hijacking ultimates. What do you need most right now? What might be critical a little later? Seizing a brutal finishing move could clinch your current skirmish, but taking a powerful crowd control spell might win you the next team fight.
* You can’t Hijack the same enemy for a while after you take their ability, so plot out the full revolt before you start stealing ults. There’s no rush to use what you have, but hesitate too long and you’ll miss opportunities to unleash even more ultimates. Triumph over your opponents by picking the right time—and power—to turn against them.

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