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Terry Crews Teases Overwatch Role, The Rock Endorses Him

January 6, 2017 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Terry Crews is fueling rumors that he will be voicing the next Overwatch hero, and one who has been teased since the first cinematic trailer. Crews, who visited Blizzard Headquarters in mid-December, posted to Twitter asking fans if they wanted him to play Doomfist:

Crews has been outspoken about wanting to be part of the game as Doomfist, whose gauntlet first appeared in the cinematic trailer. Doomfist is not confirmed as an upcoming playable character at this point and was originally intended to be a throwaway reference, but has since been referenced several times since. He was developed as a “generational” character, an identity that several characters have taken on over the years within the game. He was most recently referenced in Sombra’s origin story, with his gauntlet shown as a node on the most recent character’s “conspiracy web” diagram.

There’s no word on when Overwatch will release its next hero, or whether it will be Doomfist. However, Crews has a big supporter in The Rock, who posted to Twitter: