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TEW 2016 (PC) Preview

May 2, 2016 | Posted by Armando Rodriguez

TEW2016 comes out today. The best text-based wrestling promoter simulator is getting what is easily its deepest, most-feature rich version and also the most accessible for newcomers. Here are five things you must know about TEW2016.

1) It is the best possible entry point for newcomers:  One of the main complaints about the TEW series is that it is so feature rich and complex that newbies endure a steep learning curve. TEW 2016’s developer Adam Ryland seeks to address this issue in three fronts.  First of all, most of the game’s complicated features can be turned off before starting a new game. This allows prospective players jumping from the freeware EWR games the ability to play TEW 2016 as, essentially, EWR on steroids.  By allowing you to turn certain features on and off you can tailor your experience to your liking. Turn everything on to play the complicated, deep and rich experience and it’s meant to be. Turn everything off to play a more “fantasy booker” scenario without having to worry about being fired, getting the perfect show theory right or any of that. You can mix and match features until you learn the whole process or enjoy it your way.  I have play-tested several games by mixing and matching features and I can firmly say that the game feels very different depending on what I choose to enable/disable. Second of all, most of the menus you navigate have multiple “?” icons that when clicked open a pop-up window that details what it means and  how it can affect your company/wrestler/gameplay experience, essentially telling you everything you need to know to play the game with confidence. Third of all, a new “Small Questions & Living FAQ” thread has been opened in the game’s official forums and contrary to the mess of previous years, this thread is actually managed and edited by Adam Ryland and the development team themselves. This means that we will have a go-to place whenever a question arises.  If you have never tried TEW before, this version is the best possible entry point.

2) Match Aims change the way you book: The biggest feature for desktop bookers is the new “Match Aims” feature. Essentially match aims allow you to quickly define the goal of the match.  For example, “storytelling” determines that the match will try to tell a story to the audience and won’t feature overly complicated moves or spots to distract the audience. “Steal the Show” means that the wrestlers will try to perform the best, highest quality match possible and will go full tilt. “Calm the crowd” means that the match is designed to get the fans down after a particularly hot series of segment so that they don’t get burned out. “Work the crowd” is designed to get the crowds warmed up for something bigger. There are plenty of other match aims like “Wild Brawl”, “Technical Masterpiece” and so on.  These aims play directly with your product, which means that certain types of products will demand at least one particular match aim per show.  Your workers skills also play a factor into how well things turn out. Booking two spotty luchadores in a wild brawl will do nothing for your show.

3) The Backstage Problem:  Just like in real life, your locker room can be a blessing or a curse, but most of the time a little bit of both. New in TEW2016 is wrestler’s court, where a locker room leader can pass judgement on a worker based on his transgressions. This makes locker room leaders even more important as not only will they improve your locker room rating but can also take care of a problem for you. In addition to this new feature, the whole “incident management” screen has seen an overhaul that tells you exactly how each option works with a clear understanding of the pros and cons of each choice.  The next time someone arrives drunk, gets into a backstage argument with a co-worker or rips the world’s stinkiest fart you will know what to do. Just remember to take into effect the magnitude of the problem. Firing somebody over a fart won’t cut it anymore as a worker can now sue you for wrongful termination! Also if you decide to suspend someone for a pre-show incident, now the suspension will begin AFTER the show is over, allowing you to have the worker in question drop the belt or finish a story line before the suspension kicks in.

4) Improvements to drug use: This sounds like a terrible thing but it isn’t really! What I mean is that past drug users who are now clean will not get a penalty to their matches and segments because they used to do drugs like in previous games.  The same applies to smokers: smoking will no longer carry a penalty to match/angle grades. These two things now have an overall effect on worker health and decline instead. Also in order to make things more realistic, drug users will no longer have a penalty to their matches/angles 100% of the time. Instead this will tie directly with their consistency stat as in real life a drug user wasn’t necessarily high 100% of the time or high enough to affect match grades (example, smoking one joint or having one drink before a match shouldn’t immediately make you unable to perform). It is sad that we are talking about drugs in wrestling but it is a reality of the sport and TEW has done a great job simulating this dark aspect of the sport.  The new modifications are designed to make current and former drug users a chance to be actually useful and not somebody you immediately discard from your roster.

5) Hundreds of new features:  I suggest checking out the developer’s journal for a complete idea of the new features and modifications.  Among my favorites are the additions of alliance titles, a massive upgrade to the broadcasters, faster loading times, a more in-depth editor, the addition of .gif format for pictures, more realistic A.I. booking and contract templates that allow you to get more stuff automated to remove unnecessary clicks.

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