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The 8 Ball: Top 8 E3 News Stories

June 20, 2017 | Posted by Marc Morrison
Super Mario Odyssey

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball! With E3 gone and done, I thought it might be good to look over some of the news and announcements of the show and what was the most surprising to me. A few of the picks here might not be in everyone’s wheelhouse but they were notable to me. The biggest omission I have is Metroid Prime 4 because while Nintendo announced it, they showed none of it off, and frankly, I don’t think there is anything for that game yet. There were far less huge surprises from this E3 than in past years also. With that said, let’s begin:

#8: Beyond Good and Evil 2 Trailer

This was the big shock of the Ubisoft press conference, considering it ended it, and a lot of Ubisoft employees got on stage after it was over to thank everyone. However, it’s only a shock that the game is still being worked on. For years, there were rumors about the game and where it was, but nothing. Prior to this trailer, the last concrete info was around 2008 with the teaser trailer and a few 2009 screenshots. They still showed very little of the game but at least it seems to have a pretty interesting atmosphere. I’ll be more excited once they actually show off any gameplay.

#7: Shadow of the Colossus

This was one of the few PS4 surprises for their press conference. Shadow of the Colossus remains a PS2 (and later) PS3 gem that is talked about in hushed tones by people who have played it. Aside from this version just looking really good, I’m hoping this includes the cut content that obsessive fans have wanted for years. Maybe include a few more of the Colossi as well, making this the definitive version of Colossus.

#6: A Way Out

A Way Out looks like a fantastic game I’ll probably never get to play due to the required co-op multiplayer. The game requires you to play either Leo or Vincent with a partner taking the other character’s role. You’ll have to distract guards, steal tools, and do other prison escape things to get out of the prison. Then both players will need to work together to stay one step ahead of the law to retain their freedom. I’ll be curious to see how open-ended the game is, the trailer looked about half in the prison and half outside, so will there be chapters in the journey, or something like that? Still, Brothers was a good game and I want to try this out sometime. Also, there needs to be some Oz DLC where you can play as Tobias Beecher and Vern Schillinger as alternate characters.

#5: Spider-Man Footage

This was obviously shown last year but at least now we have gameplay. This might be a tad too QTE-heavy for my tastes, but Spider-Man looked like a lot of fun. Very acrobatic but with the fighting having some real weight behind it. Plus, they’re at least using a villain that isn’t exactly well known to most people, Mr. Negative, as opposed to a more popular Spider-Man baddie. Here’s hoping the final villain of the game is Stilt-Man. I have high expectations for this game and I’m fairly confident they’ll be able to do Spider-Man some justice.

#4: Original Xbox Backward Compatibility

This seems like a bigger deal than it really is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an impressive bit of technical wizardry to get original Xbox games running on an Xbox One. But they haven’t really said (from the conference anyway) if you’ll be able to use your original Xbox disks, or if you can just buy games from the Marketplace, like they did with some o.g. Xbox games on the 360. Also, how many people really have large collections of original Xbox games laying around? More importantly, could you think of say, 10, original Xbox games that are worthy of being emulated, that wouldn’t be a rights nightmare? It’s still an achievement in backwards compatibility but I think the gates of reality might make this more of a curiosity, as opposed to a needed feature. Also, the fact some other company is bringing back the Xbox “Duke” controllers is hysterical to me.

#3: Mario News

I’m combining both the Mario Odyssey news and the Mario + Rabbids news together in one pick. Mario Odyssey looks nuts, I (like most people) thought you’d just use the hat for platforming, or to attack enemies. But to be able to possess enemies, other people, or objects and let you control them, looks bonkers. Also, the few 2D game sections they’ve shown look rad. On the flip side is Mario + Rabbids in XCOM which is alright in my book. Frankly, it couldn’t be worse than XCOM 2 which I found to be a fairly middling game. Nintendo really just needs to buy Mallow and Geno from Square and throw them in this game because those two are the best. I’ll be curious to see how deep the actual strategy part of the game will be, I doubt it will be as complicated as XCOM was, but it will probably be more enjoyable.

#2: Dragon Ball FighterZ

You guys, this might be the first, legitimately good Dragon Ball Z fighting game, in well, ever. The only franchise that even comes close is DBZ Budokai, which played well for their time, but haven’t aged particularly well. DBFZ looks built off the Guilty Gear Xrd game engine, which is terrific, adding in things like destructible backgrounds and 3 vs. 3 battles. It probably won’t have a huge roster compared to other DBZ fighting games, I’d honestly only guess like 20 or so characters, but unlike recent DBZ games, it won’t be a 3D mess of a game where even trying to line up basic combos or special attacks against your foe can be a frustrating nightmare. Dragon Ball FighterZ might not be the most exciting game in the world, but considering it looks to be a good DBZ game, it is the most shocking.

#1: Xbox One X Details

This wasn’t an earth shattering announcement but it’s nice to have some concrete details on the system at least. A $500 price tag is fairly high, at least for most people now, but is fairly decent compared to some estimates that people were thinking. The console itself looks like a Xbox One S, just with a different color shell. Forza looked pretty nice on it, but that’s my only opinion of the system so far. I’m not quite sure it’ll be enough to reverse the tide that the PS4 has, just as far as momentum, but anything is possible. I just hope if the Xbox One X somehow ever gets a virus, it’ll be called “Sigma”.

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