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The 8 Ball: Top 8 E3 Predictions – N64 Classic, Halo 6, More

June 5, 2018 | Posted by Marc Morrison
N64 classic

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball! With a break last week, I’m back and here to talk about E3. It’s coming up next week, and it’s usually the biggest event in the gaming world. There are some obvious games that are going to be big, Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man, Metroid Prime 4 (hopefully) and so on, but there are always surprises. Some of my predictions are evident if you think about it, but that’s still fine. Here we go:

#8: AC Odyssey Trailer/Release Date

This one is obvious since Ubisoft has already announced the game, after it leaked from a keychain picture, go figure. Still, I think a large chunk of Ubisoft’s press conference will be devoted to this. It won’t have Bayek or Aya as the main characters. It’ll likely feature some of the more popular Roman landmarks, but probably not the Colosseum, since it was in AC2. Or, if it is there, it’ll look a lot better. I expect at E3, an actual trailer showing gameplay footage, a trailer showing landmark footage, a release date, and the different editions you’ll be able to buy the game in.

#7: Division 2 Will be Different

I liked the Division initially but the late-game really suffered and tended to drive players away in droves. Ubisoft has already announced The Division 2, which is perfectly fine. I would like it to be somewhat different when it comes out. I think the “Dark Zone” idea was kind of a failure, and wouldn’t mind it being removed. Also, having a single player option would be really nice. Exploring the world of a virus-filled NYC was great, but not so much having to do raids to get better gear and what not.

#6: Super Smash Bros News

Nintendo has a few big games lined up for E3, but the one people seem to want the most is Smash Bros. I don’t want or need specific characters trailers like “Wow, Mario is in this game, what a shocker!” I think a trailer with most of the roster from the prior games will be there, so the usual guys like Mario, Fox, Pikachu, Link, etc. After that though, I want them to show off their new characters or do some pruning of the roster. There doesn’t need to be two different types of characters, one slower/stronger and the other faster/weaker. Having more unique characters help freshen the game up, as well.

#5: Elder Scrolls 6

So, Bethesda already announced Fallout 76 and that hopefully is good. However, the single-player portion of Bethesda isn’t sitting around twiddling their thumbs. Considering how well Skyrim has done for the past 7 years, people like fantasy open-world games. Honestly, I would love it if they just did a remake of Morrowind with the Skyrim engine but that’s not likely to happen. So, why not keep going? After all, there aren’t any new systems for them to release Skyrim on. I can see that releasing a new Elder Scrolls game might bite into Elder Scrolls Online fiction/universe, but they can still be separated enough. More than that, if Fallout 76 doesn’t at least have some type of offline functionality, I’ll take a solo Elder Scrolls game over an online Fallout one.

#4: Nintendo 64 Classic

This is, of course, going to happen. Given how popular the NES/SNES Classics are, it’s almost a foregone conclusion. I do have a few questions about it. Like, would it retain the N64 shape/look? Would it have 4 controller ports on it? Or would it include some type of multi-tap to cut down on costs? How many games would it include, or how much storage would it have? The SNES Classic had around 512mb of flash storage, around 250mb for games (if you hack it). However, N64 games are far larger than NES/SNES games. A typical N64 game is around 10mb, give or take. Mario 64 is like 8mb, but Zelda: Ocarina of Time is like 30mb. So, I’d be curious if they would increase the flash storage on this thing, or what? I expect Reggie to just pull this out of his pocket during their press thing, but I have a lot more theoretical questions on this than I did have the SNES.

#3: Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date

With the estimated release date for the Final Fantasy 7 episode 1 remake of 2023, Kingdom Hearts 3 is the biggest game Square has going for itself. A lot of the recent trailers look good, if not slightly busy. Combat looks bananas and maybe playing is better than watching, but I was having a hard time just keeping track of what was going on. Still, this is likely going to be the center piece of Square’s press conference. They may show off a new, unseen world, or show some Final Fantasy characters as well, then announce the release date. I’d like it if it did come out this year, but given Sqaure’s track record, I have my doubts.

#2: Halo 6/Gears 5

If the past year or two has shown us, Microsoft is getting increasingly desperate with the Xbox One. Both Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 got “decent” reviews but neither of them is a huge system seller. Halo and Gears, nominally are, but neither past version seemed to impress people. I think this is the year that MS announces both Halo 6 and Gears 5 for release this year, just in the hopes that one of them can somehow catch on. Also, I think this year Microsoft might finally get around to releasing Halo 3 (and the future ones) on PC, which would be nice.

#1: Crackdown 3 is either Released or Cancelled

This game was announced as in development at E3 in 2014, and still shows no signs of actually coming out anytime soon. Duke Nukem Forever became a joke for how long it was in production for, and while Crackdown 3 isn’t that bad, it’s getting there. Microsoft should either pull a complete shock, show a Crackdown 3 trailer and go “And it’s out now for Xbox Game Pass”, or else just mercifully cancel it. Think about how many other games were shown at E3 2014 for Xbox One: Scalebound, Phantom Dust, and Fable Legends, just to name a few. So, Microsoft, put it out now, while at least a few people still care about it, or else crush it out finally.

For comments, list which announcements you’re expecting/wanting and why.

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