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The 8 Ball: Top 8 Games to Play on My New PC

May 2, 2017 | Posted by Marc Morrison

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball. I apologize for the small break between columns, I was getting work done on my computer, and instead of fixing it, Best Buy decided to scrap it, gave me some cash, and I got a new (and much better) one instead. So, now that I have something new and from this year, I decided to comb through my Steam library and pick out games I wanted to play on it, to test it out. Not all of these games are on the bleeding edge, by any means, but I still had issues with my earlier computer. Let’s begin:

#8: Marvel Heroes 2016

Marvel Heroes 2016 ran “ok” on my old computer, but not particularly well. The Avengers Tower hub would get really laggy, especially when I would first launch the game. I could launch the game, log in, and make lunch, and it still would not have loaded completely. The game would also have issues when there were a lot of characters or actions on screen, with people firing off their signature or ultimate attacks. Thankfully, my new computer has no issues at all and I can return to grinding out characters. Here’s a quick spoiler: Marvel Heroes Omega has a few of the same issues, at least on PS4.

#7: Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition

This game is a partial cheat since it would run on damn near anything. Hell, this game was able to run and be fine on the PC I was using for the two weeks, and that was a 10 year old laptop that would frequently overheat. It’s on this list though, not because it’s a demanding or graphically intensive game, but just because it is a damn fine game, and it is finally on Steam. Not only on Steam but in a package that is easy to play on modern operating systems, and with resolutions that don’t make your eyes bleed. Planescape is still a masterpiece of a game almost 20 years later, full of good gameplay and even better writing. It’s a shame that Torment: Tides of Numenera didn’t match up to it.

#6: Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster ran mostly “ok” on my old computer, with one exception: the building builder. You can design and create whatever building you want, from restrooms to restaurants to gift stores, not only what the sell, but the entire design of the building. Each building is modular and composed of different parts, which can assembled and modified however you want. It’s a minor thing, but it’s something I didn’t really get to see much of when I played the game originally.

#5: Project Cars

I liked Project CARS and gave it a pretty good review score, despite a few nagging issues when it came out. It ran serviceable on my old PC but it wasn’t a pristine experience. I loved the weather effects of the game, particularly the rain and thunderstorms, but they would seriously bog down the framerate when I would try to race before. Now, it is smooth sailing all the way. Forza Horizon 3 would also make this list, assuming it wasn’t on the Windows Game store.

#4: Mortal Kombat X

This was a game that ran like garbage on my old computer, yet I still managed to beat it. When I said it “ran bad”, I mean, getting to 15 FPS was considered lucky. Aside from the fact my PC was getting long in the tooth, that game was a poorly optimized mess that seemed to have a lot of issues on the PC platform. I look forward to going back to it and possibly playing the story again, now that I can actually get through a fight at normal game speed.

#3: Fallout 4

Like with Planet Coaster, this game ran decent on my old computer, save for the settlement building stuff. It would take about 10 seconds to load the interface up, and then about 2 to 3 seconds when I would change an item, or to go a different category, and that tended to get in the way of actually using the system. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it’s a half-baked concept that barely offers any gameplay benefit, but at least now I’ll be able to build a nice house.

#2: Final Fantasy Type O

I enjoyed this game on PS4 and when I tried on my old PC, it wasn’t a pleasant experience. The motion blur made the game practically unplayable almost all of the time. I could turn it off, to an extent, but then the game wouldn’t look right, at least compared to the PS4 version. I would have had an easier time loading up the PSP version to play on an emulator before. Now, I’ll be able to play (and enjoy) the game with a fresh perspective, and enjoy the combat system all over again.

#1: Hitman

Hitman was the number one motivator for me getting a new computer at all. While my old was one was aging, as this column points out, it could still run most of the games I really wanted to play just fine. It could not run Hitman though, not worth a damn anyway. My earlier attempts would be at about 10 FPS, which…no, not good at all. On this current machine, I got a steady 60, with only occasional dips to like 55, which isn’t bad. I wanted to play this game over 6 months, since I pre-ordered the PC version before it even came out, and now I finally can.

For comments, list which games you think I should try on my new PC.

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