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The 8 Ball: Top 8 Wanted Injustice 2 Characters

May 30, 2017 | Posted by Marc Morrison

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball! This week I’m here to talk about Injustice 2 since it’s one of the newest games of the past few weeks. Now, I don’t have the game (although if anyone wants to grab it for me, I won’t mind), but I have looked at it a lot and have a few ideas for possible DLC characters to be added down the road. A few of the characters on this list verge on the joke side, but I still am serious about all of them. Let’s begin:

#8: Azrael

WB Games has shown a general respect of the Batman lore, specifically with Azrael and his appearance in Arkham Knight. I could see him being a more mythological character, or one that uses his sword a lot in battle while possibly setting up traps on the battlefield. Injustice 2 does skew fairly heavily towards the Batman line, since he’s inarguably DC’s most well-known character, so why not mine that a bit more?

#7: Zatanna

Now of all the characters in this list, Zatanna is the most likely, since she appeared in the past Injustice game as DLC. Frankly, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, she was a fun character in that game, and she’d probably be a good fit for this one. The only change would be a different super move, since everyone gets a new one. The only requirement would be to keep Lacey Chabert as the voice actress since she does a really good job in the role.

#6: Lucifer Morningstar

I’m counting Vertigo titles for this column, hence why Lucifer is on here. There are a lot of Vertigo characters that would be a good fit, Dream, Death, Spider Jerusalem, Jesse Custer, etc. However, Lucifer might work best of most of these characters with a unique hell-based fighting system and being fairly well known due to the TV show. Yes, I know there is also the Preacher show, but that power set would be a challenge to make into a fighting game, I imagine. Bonus points if they get Tom Ellis to do the voice work for the character, like they did with Injustice 1 and having Stephen Amell do an Arrow voice.

#5: The Condiment King

This is a partial gag, but also I’m kind of serious. The Condiment King is a ludicrous villain but one that is kind of hysterical. I could see a Condiment King character using his ketchup and mustard guns in creative ways against opponents. Or else you could broaden his arsenal with other weaponized condiments like a hummus trap or weaponized wasabi. Maybe his super move might involve putting the other character on a huge burger and covering them up with different condiments, all of which deal damage. Also, naturally, Condiment King would be a God-Tier character for the game. Also, fun note, Cyrax and Sektor in Mortal Kombat had the nicknames of Mustard and Ketchup during development.

#4: Etrigan

If we’re talking about non-funny characters, Etrigan might be my favorite. I like the dual nature of Etrigan, the rhyming nature of the way he speaks, and the increasingly sardonic way Etrigan deals with problems, depending on the writer. I could see Etrigan as a two-type character, you could either play as Jason Blood who would be a nimble magic user, or else play as Etrigan himself, who is a slow but powerful bruiser. His super move might involve dragging you down to hell and being tormented down there for a bit.

#3: Static

Considering that somewhat lesser known characters like Swamp Thing or Starfire are in Injustice 2, why isn’t Static? He has a very Raiden-esque type of power set, but could incorporate the flying disk into his moves by attacking foes or throwing it at people. I doubt he could do Raiden’s spear move, but he could do a quick dash with the disk, for example. Plus, it would be a nice homage to Dwayne McDuffie, who passed away some years ago. Static did appear in the iOS/mobile port of Injustice 1 but his design was horrible, so a redesign would be a must for Injustice 2.

#2: Constantine

I list a lot of magic users in this column because that type of power could generally work in a fighting game and there is no exception here. I see Constantine not as a pure magic user, but more of a trap-style character, who creates situations where the enemy could be tripped up. Like altering the battlefield so if they step in a certain spot, they get frozen or immobilized, or else if they try to go for an air attack, you could counter it and unleash a combo. Matt Ryan would be a requirement for him because he did a great job portraying him on the show and in various other media that have come since then.

#1: Detective Chimp

He’s a detective who is also a chimp, what more do you need to know? This is like 95% a joke, and 5% serious, but Detective Chimp is always rad. He could be like the Dan Hibiki of the game being a much shorter/joke character, whose moves are pastiches of other characters. Or else, he could be a lot more acrobatic, able to run circles around other people and being hard to hit. Really though, Detective Chimp would make Injustice 2 the perfect game, forget Gorilla Grodd.

For comments, list which DC characters you’d like to see in Injustice 2.

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