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The Fisherman: Fishing Planet (XB1) Review

November 8, 2019 | Posted by Adam Larck
The FIsherman: Fishing Planet
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The Fisherman: Fishing Planet (XB1) Review  

When I was a kid, I remember renting Super Black Bass for the Super Nintendo…a lot. Normally, it was between that, Saturday Night Slam Masters and Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City (small town movie stores didn’t have a lot of variety). So, I’ve always found an enjoyment to fishing games. Even on the iPhone today I play the unrealistic Fishing Strike.

What Fishing Planet LLC has put out on consoles and Steam though is The Fisherman – Fishing Planet, a great fishing simulator for realism, but with a lot of baggage bringing it down.

Let’s start with the background: this is based off Fishing Planet, a freemium PC game on Steam. Fishing Planet LLC took all the content it developed for the game and compiled it together in this version.

Unfortunately, what was also compiled was the premium currency called Baitcoin. Baitcoin is used to buy and repair the top gear in the game, move to nicer fishing locations and more. You can earn it in game, but it’ll take quite a bit of grinding to get a large amount. Additionally, the lures can be lost through stronger fish breaking the line or getting it caught in debris as well, making your hard-earned work go to waste.

Most other items can be purchased with regular currency, thankfully, and can be maintained just by continuing to fish and use money to fix gear while waiting for the next big purchase.

In addition, money needs to keep being saved up to buy basic and advanced licenses for new fishing areas. Basic licenses are used to get your foot in the door to a new area and catch common fish. To catch the rarer fish, such as the Trophy-class ones, and use boats or fish at night, you’ll need the advanced license.

The game starts you off on a tutorial level at a pond in Texas. It walks you through the casting, catching and reeling of the fighting fish, and does a good job simulating the experience. As you play, you’ll complete objectives, such as catching a certain fish or using certain lures, that give experience and both the regular and premium currencies. Experience helps you level up and unlock new equipment to buy from the shop, as well as get new areas to fish in.

To travel to a new area, you have to pay every time you want to move. The nicer the area, the higher the payment. However, if you stay at an area for multiple days, you can get a discount to save some money.

This means your budget needs to balance new rod, reels and bait, new locations, travel and stay at a location, as well as upkeep of gear. You better get ready to grind before you move to a new location. But don’t grind too much, o your money will just go toward paying for new gear.

As for the fishing itself, The Fisherman does offer quite a bit of variety. You have float fishing, trolling, baitcasting and more, all offering different play styles and equipment, and offering fish that will prefer one type over another.

Fishing offers a good challenging as well. It really shines as it makes you balance reeling the big one in, adjusting the drag or giving some line to let the fish wear out. With that being said, though, sometimes fishing can seem too challenging if you’re using a rig with the similar weight requirement as the fish you have on your line. Say, for instance, that you’re trying to gt a 5kg fish on a 5.5kg rig.

In real life, you may have some challenge but it’s still pretty doable. In the game, though, it can become a herculean feat.

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Overall, The Fisherman is an amazing fishing game on its own, one that fans of the genre will love. The biggest downfalls comes within the grind of common fish to make more money to get to new areas before continuing the grind again. That, combined with the need for so much Baitcoin, may scare a lot of gamers away, but those that do play will probably get a lot of enjoyment out of what is offered early on.