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The Gaming Rs: Deus Ex, Playground Games, More

December 2, 2017 | Posted by Stewart Lange
Deus Ex Mankind

Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of the Gaming Rs. Apologies to everyone who was looking for me last week, but I’ll be quite honest with you all and say that I forgot what day it was. It also didn’t help I was drunk and working a lot, albeit not at the same time. In the meantime I got distracted recording my Progress wrestling podcast Screaming For Progress. Catch that one Facebook, Twitter @ProgressScream or through your favourite podcasting network. I continue to be underwhelmed by my Xbox One X, too. Sure, it looks kinda nice, but given the Xbox One S it replaced upscaled to HDR on my 4K TV, I’m not noticing a huge amount of difference. Maybe it’s because I’ve mainly been playing L.A Noire on it, or maybe because there just isn’t a great deal of difference. It’s not even noticeably quicker. At least my spare controller says Project Scorpio on it now.

Have I killed enough time yet? Time to make it up to you all with some long overdue comments. I’m going to hit loads this week to really fill that word count.


Reader Feedback:

Last time, I spoke about how good Rocket League and the Switch were, Rampage looking horrendous and probably shouted about micro-transactions, because that’s my thing.


Gil: The last WWE game I bought was 2k16. This game didn’t have all the wrestlers from the start. You gotta earn them. They also offer an option to unlock all the wrestlers for a price. I paid for this. I don’t play Star Wars so This is the only game I can compare it to when it comes to grinding for characters or pay real money for them. Granted, WWE was only $5? For an assload of wrestlers, and it’s more specific acheivments rather then just grinding for hours, so I can’t say if it’s anything alike.

Sounds like I’m rambling? Hey, I like this column. And you asked for more comments.

Also, I like my Switch. Rocket League looks cool but I’m saving up for Xenoblade.

Thanks for the compliment and for reading Gil, and you’re not ramblin at all. The WWE accelerator is actually a pretty decent use of the micro-transaction and something I generally grab if the means of unlocking doesn’t interest me. Think the last time I didn’t bother with it was the Attitude Era edition.

Gblock: I want the new Fire Pro Wrestling game on Switch. THAT would be awesome! and a new NBA Jam! a perfect game to have on the go

They’d both be fantastic, for sure. Both absolutely perfect games to have on the Switch, the more pick up and play they are the better if you ask me, and both fall into it perfectly.

GeeSpotter: Rampage is gonna be better than Jumanji and Pacific Rim

If you say so, dude. I wish I shared your optimism. Let’s not forget this isn’t the first time The Rock has taken a punt at a video game property. Jumanji does look like it’ll suck though, mainly because of Jack Black.

Crackhead_Bob: Crossplay certainly is a nice deal. Though not something I ever personally use a whole lot of, as I have PS4/Xbone/gaming PC already and will be grabbing a Switch for Xmas (a new 3D Mario is too hard to pass up) so I usually just grab a copy of a game wherever the people I want to play with are playing it. It really makes you wonder where we would be right now if last gen if Microsoft wouldn’t have been dicks about doing crossplay while they were the ones winning the console sales battle. Now Sony are winning and they don’t like it. Seems like the only way that near universal crossplay will happen is if Nintendo somehow wrecks both of them at the same time.

I think most of the anger over the Battlefront thing is stemming from the unlock grind being balanced for loot box spending, and not towards the average player. There was a reddit post where a guy did the math for how long it would take to unlock everything without opening your wallet and it was 4,000+ hours. That’s mobile gaming levels of money grubbing

I thought Uwe Boll quit doing video game movies. Nice to see someone dug him up for Rampage.

Oh he isn’t involved.

Oh my.

I’d love it if Nintendo came out swinging this Holiday season and made everyone else unify and make 2018 the year crossplay happens and everyone is happy and nobody is upset or left out because of what console they have. I mean, not a chance in hell, but it’d be great. And yeah, get yourself a Switch, it’s amazing.

Voice Of Logic: Kind of stoked about the Rampage movie. I plan to check my brain at the door and enjoy giant monsters wrecking shit.

Rocket League is so much fun. I’ve not played it much online against others. Mostly use it as a couch co-op title when I have some friends over.

I think Rocket League is amazing however you play it. I’ve had just as much fun playing an offline season as I have against others online. It’s just the perfect mobile game, big screen game, multiplayer game…..

So there we have it, all the feedback from last time I bothered to show up for work. It shouldn’t happen again and I’m really very sorry. Let’s get on with Righting those Ridiculous wRongs.

The Right:

You know what’s always good? Secrets. Never in the history of mankind has something that was previously kept a secret ever turned out to be anything other than amazing. This is bound to happen with my 2016 Game of The Year (Forza Horizon 3, FYI) developers Playground Games announcing they’re working on a “secret game” known only as Project 2. Now, how do I know it’s going to be amazing? Well, first of all, the Forza Horizon games have been categorically brilliant since day one. Next up, the team have new recruits from Rockstar Games and a guy who worked on Metal Gear Solid 5. It’s also not going to be a racing game. Featuring “no driving,” the game will be an open world RPG, which given the sum of it’s parts, seems pretty bloody exciting. At this time it’s unclear if the title will be a Microsoft exclusive, although rumours are abound that it could be announced as early as E3 2018 for the Xbox One/S/X. As this could go the same way as all the other cancelled games we’ve seen, I’m going to put it out there that absolutely nothing could go with this and it’ll likely be game of the year, whenever it’s released. You read it here first.

The wRong:

Square Enix has told us all that we’re still going to see a new Deus Ex title, despite the poor sales and critical response to the last title I’m not sure if anyone is really excited about this game? Considering they’ve probably got enough game saved as DLC for Mankind Divided to put out a release now anyway, Square Enix have got to be kidding if they are serious about the franchise going forward. Their priorities are seemingly the Tomb Raider series and a new partnership with Marvel. This falls fully into the wRong category due to the fact that the last Deus Ex game was plagued with issues and micro-transactions literally blocking large parts of the story behind a paywall. Given how many plates Square Enix are spinning over there, the mention of Deus Ex merely serves as a reminder that they don’t have the most fantastic track record of customer satisfaction. Given the sour taste left by the last game in the series, I’d be happy to wait a long time for a new instalment in the series.

The Ridiculous:

This isn’t new news. It’s actually pretty old news, but considering I just heard about it, I’d say that it counts. Hell, if anything, the fact it’s old news makes it even more Ridiculous that I’m talking about it. I found out this week that MadCatz shut it’s doors forever a few months ago and with it, a million player two voices screamed in agony. No longer will younger siblings know the pain of a two button controller that for some reason has 8 buttons and a number of switches. Visiting friends will no longer have to cry as they realise that one of their buttons has stuck to something inside the pad, meaning they are at a definite disadvantage. Madcatz was once the true “away shirt” of the game controllers, but you know what, the feeling of putting a beat on your cocky friend while you used the broken, light up, inexplicably complicated player two standard is something that will never be replicated. God speed, you beautiful bastard.

That’s all this week, hope you’ve had fun. See you all in seven, until then… Don’t be a dick!