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The Gaming Rs: Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Release, Cross-Platform Play, More

September 22, 2017 | Posted by Stewart Lange

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the Gaming Rs! It’s been a quick week and a busy one, with reviews on site now for Maize and Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite, but it’s really been Destiny 2 that’s been taking my time. While I still don’t have anyone to run the Raid with, I’m still enjoying the hell out of the Strikes. I’ve stopped with Legend Of Zelda, as I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing with it, although apparently that’s my fault and not the games. Apparently it’s much more than a grass cutting simulator. Correct me if I’m wrong with that one.

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Let’s cut the crap and without any further messing around, get to some content.

Reader Feedback:

Last week, I spoke about Destiny 2 being Kekistani, Nintendo Direct and Fight of Gods.

Adam: Destiny 2 or PS4 for Destiny help?

Assuming you mean Destiny 2 for help, no mate, it’s Xbox I’m on. Outafterdark216 if anyone is interested.

Richard H1S: Regarding cuphead: I had previously not heard about this, I knew it was difficult but not that difficult, I’m both a little more excited and dreading it a bit more.

On the gods game: does steam have an approval process? I’m honestly asking. Is it like apple where everything is vetted or android where it’s the Wild West? (Not a shot at android just a comparison)

Thankfully, a helpful reader was at hand to give the information that I was going to have to painstakingly research otherwie. Thanks, dude.

Matthew: From my understanding, most things get the A.OK without terribly much vetting. Then if user reviews are bad enough, the game gets vetted at that point and possibly taken down. A game called House Party popped up on there awhile back that showed nudity and explicit sex acts. Obviously it got through whatever vet process (if any is present). However reviews complained about it, so it was taken down. It has since been re-uploaded and has comically large censor bars that cover anything that could be considered explicit that appears.

Thanks dude. Much appreciated.

Marty Confetti: About the Destiny 2 thing, it REALLY looks like the racist flag people are complaining about. It’s got similar colors and the E even looks incredibly similar. I can see why people would want to have it taken out. It’s not just because it has a K.

I’ve only seen the screenshots and while the font is the same, as well as the colour I’m not totally sure I see it. Maybe I’m being stupid, or maybe I’m secretly a racist? Who knows.

Wait, I know. I’m not a racist. Guess I’m stupid, then.

On that bombshell, lets Right some wRongs!

The Right:

The biggest Right that I can find this week in the gaming world is that the summer is over and it’s finally GOOD GAME RELEASE DATE TIME! That’s right folks, we have Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite and Project Cars 2 this week, but also in the coming weeks we have some absolutely massive launches, so whatever you want to be playing, you’ll be sitting with it in your grubby little paws soon enough and that is extremely exciting. We’re edging ever closer to the release dates of Shadow of War and Assassin’s Creed Origins, but even if you don’t want to get too involved with a massive open world title, you also have the likes of Gran Turismo, Forza 7 and FIFA 18 coming out over the next few weeks. Since I’m Scottish, I’ll have to assume some of you will be excited for the annual releases of Madden which came out last month and NBA 2k18 (which I assume is the go-to basketball title over EA, am I right?) So, there’s something for everyone coming out, the summer gaming drought is absolutely over and unless you’re just holding out hope for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 or Call of Duty, you now officially don’t have long to wait. Aren’t the holidays a wonderful time? What are the releases you’re looking most forward to? I just can’t wait to see Origins running on my spanky new One X.

The wRong:

In an ever growing tradition, we’re seeing bigger and better collectors editions coming out for games. These can run from being an artbook or soundtrack CD, all the way up to whatever the hell you get in the Assassin’s Creed Origins Gods edition (a massive figurine I believe) for around the $600 mark. For a mere $200 though, you could have got your own copy of the Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite collectors edition, which boasted not only 4 detailed 6” figurines of characters Iron Man, Chun Li, Captain Marvel and Mega Man X, but also a box which gave you your very own Infinity Stones. As you can see from the image above, the promised quality is a little bit lacking. The painted Kinder Eggs don’t look a thing like the promised quality and despite having a little LED behind each to make it look a little shinier, they quite frankly look like crap. The figurine quality is slightly lacking too, although the fact you get 4 rather than 1 does make me feel like that can be forgiven a little bit. The issue here that brings this into wRong territory is that I’m almost sick of these collectors editions offering low quality garbage for a substantial amount of money. If you’re looking at $60 for a game, $30 for a DLC season pass and probably microtransactions too, is it too much to ask to offer a little bit of fan service to people spending this amount of money? At least make them look a little bit like you promised. Jerks.

The Ridiculous:

“Game in progress” soon to be free-to-play but currently a full price release (I know, very confusing but entirely true) title Fortnite has been making headlines in the last week as somebody inadvertently pushed the big red button that allowed Xbox Live and PS4 crossplay. Now, the Tumblr friendly story that surfaced about one user wanting to find someone on PSN because of love/hate/something about his mother and not being able to because he searched for a gamertag on a Playstation and eventually tracked down his soulmate/mortal enemy via Xbox. Considering there have been cries for someone at Epic Games to “be fired” over the mistake, most likely from the evil Sony side, whereas kindly, generous Microsoft leader Phil Spencer (not Phil Spencer from Location, Location, Location; UK readers) has stated he feels like it should have been kept on after it was quickly disabled. With Rocket League leading the charge in cross-network play, it’s very strange that Fortnite was the game to inadvertently pull the trigger on this massive feature. Since Sony have no plans to play ball, it may still be some time before we see such a feature. The six people who are playing Fortnite can just think themselves lucky that they made a little bit of gaming history as the first people to play between consoles, or even the only ones if we never see it fully realised.

That’s all the Rs we have for this week folks, hope you’ve all had a good time. If you want to talk about anything I’ve mentioned here, leave a comment below or hit me on Twitter at outafterdark216. Have a great week, and as always….

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