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The Gaming Rs: Nintendo Direct, Destiny’s Gauntlet Fail, More

September 16, 2017 | Posted by Stewart Lange

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the Gaming Rs! The fact that I’ve been allowed to write a follow up to last weeks launch means that enough of you read it that I’m allowed back, so for that I thank you! I’ll try and make every single week bigger and better for you faithful readers, starting this week with my first new feature! I’ll get to that in just a couple of minutes. I’ve been happily plugging away at Destiny 2 this week, with my review hitting the site over the weekend. I’m really looking forward to the raids and further strike content, with any luck I’ll have all that wonderful loot by the time the first DLC launches. Also this week, I took a punt on a Nintendo Switch, so I can finally try Breath of the Wild. It’s early days, so no thoughts on that just yet.

Let’s get on with the show, with the newest feature! It’s a bonus R for you all, so enjoy!

Reader Feedback!

See how clever that was? Thanks to everyone who commented last week.

Rocky4228: What’s this, an actual gaming column other than the 8-Ball? About damn time.

I hope that’s a good thing and you continue coming back to read the Gaming Rs! Guaranteed no lists!

Bob: Free games are what they are. MS can still make money on Forza 6 as it’s going to become a value game which is what some people, including myself, have been waiting for the price drop to $20 or less. It’s showing as one in next week’s Best Buy ad as part of a B1G1 half off sale.

Also, Child of Light is Europe only this month, US got Strike Vector EX. I think that’s because they goofed in August and made it free for about an hour when those games went live and some people were able to purchase it, including myself. It was supposed to be free only in Latin America.

I hadn’t realised that, actually. It’s a shame, because if you haven’t played Child of Light I absolutely recommend it, it’s a fantastic game. Strike Vector doesn’t look like my sort of thing at all.

Regarding the Cuphead-Gate:

Voice Of Logic: I don’t think a game should be given a bad score based on the reviewer’s inability to get far in the game. I understand reviews are objective, and dying a shit load of times probably zaps some of the enjoyment factor for a gamer. I don’t really feel like that should factor into a review score that much. Perhaps if you are one of these reviewers who get stuck, rate the game on the merit of what is inside the game, then give a separate score for personal enjoyment factor. That way gamers can still get a good idea of what the game is about, then see that said reviewer hated it because he sucked at it.

Crackhead_Bob: The problem wasn’t that the dude was not very good at the game, he was completely and utterly incompetent at it. He wasn’t failing at the game, he was failing at the TUTORIAL before the game even started. A tutorial which consisted of walk to the right and press the button you see in giant text above your head.

Of course nobody would take his review seriously. That would be the equivalent of watching a car reviewer who the first thing he does upon getting into a car is drop the key down the heater vent, because that’s how he thinks you start the engine.

Two Bobs commented, but one of them is a crackhead? Put the rock down, Bob 2, you’re better than that. I believe in you. Anyway, last week I discussed if a game reviewer has to be good at video games in order to review them and well, technically I’d say no, but the Cuphead incident is an absolute embarrassment, and to say a game sucks because you can’t do the most basic tutorial really isn’t right. Thankfully, there’s a joyous amount of memes and content come out as a result of this, so there’s fun for everyone.

As long as nobody points out how badly I suck at games, because that’s not fair.

Again, thanks to those of you that commented last week, let’s get on with Righting some wRongs!

DisclaimeR: I won’t be mentioning PewDiePie. Except for right here. Not touching that one.

The Right:

I said last week that a new game release would generally be the Right news for the week, but with nothing massive out this week (right?), I’m looking to announcements! More specifically, the Nintendo Direct announcements. That’s right, since I have a Switch now I can officially give a crap about it. Anyway, the long awaited Mario Odyssey is getting it’s own console, with pretty red controllers. They’ve also given release dates for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and the remake of Skyrim, a game I’ve already bought 3 times and apparently I’ll be buying it one more time so I can play it on the toilet, too. Interestingly, Bethesda are putting two more games onto the Switch, with Doom and Wolfenstein 2 both making their way to the handheld hybrid, with the latter coming next year, but Doom dropping before Christmas! We also have confirmation of a new Kirby game, a JRPG called Lost Sphear and Dragon Quest Builders all coming in 2018. With so many games coming out, it looks like I picked a good time to grab a Switch! This doesn’t even mention the fact that Worms W.M.D and L.A. Noire are also coming to the console soon! It’s a lot of hardware to have in your hands.

The wRong:

This almost slid into the Ridiculous column, but considering I’ve been sitting on what I’ve put there since I hit submit last week, I’ll have to find a home for this bit of news in the wRong category. Destiny 2 servers were offline on Tuesday night- the one night I really wanted nothing more than to sit around and play- after Bungie were informed that the design on a particular set of gauntlets in the game bore a passing resemblance to the Kekistan flag. If you don’t know what or where Kekistan is, then that’s for the best as it’s a 4chan creation, a fictional country with an unfortunately Nazi-inspired flag. Now, I’m not going to lie and say I understand all of the details about this made up country, but Bungie won’t want any form of controversy surrounding the launch week of their huge release and have taken steps to nerf the design. This falls into the wRong category, though, because quite honestly, does anyone even care? First of all, it’s not really that close of a resemblance. Does this then mean that anything with the letter K emblazoned on it is racist? Similarly, other than the people who use 4chan, does anyone know or care about what the hell Kekistan even is? If people were upset about the design actually looking like a swastika, then I totally understand and would be in absolute agreement, but to be offended because it looks like something people have made up, well, I think that’s maybe going a little bit too far.

The Ridiculous:

Early access Steam title Fight Of Gods has been ruffling feathers this past week, as the new beat-em-up pits religious figures against one another in a Mortal Kombat style fight to the death. Now, this may sound like the exact sort of game that would be causing problems for somebody and well, you’d be correct. Except, it’s causing problems for literally thousands of people, as it’s caused Malaysia to close Steam. Like, entirely close it. All of the Malaysian Master Racers are having to revert to their old copies of Duke Nukem 3D or Discworld (actually, that sounds awesome) as the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) have demanded the game removed. They’re getting their wish, although people have invariably found ways around this and have downloaded the game anyway. For those of you who are wondering, it DOES look as bad as it sounds, with the character models looking pretty nasty and the gameplay looking pretty ropey. What is amusing is the fact that the developers thought they’d be able to get away with doing this. Now, as a result of the controversy, people who would have otherwise never have heard of their odd little indie beat-em-up are actively searching for it to play, or watch footage, so in that regard it’s “no publicity is bad publicity,” but considering the game is likely to receive a worldwide Steam ban at this stage, it’s hard to really clap your hands too hard for them. It just means more people see how hard their game sucks.

That’s all we have time for this week everyone, so I hope you enjoyed this week’s Gaming Rs! As per, feel free to leave a comment to let me know what you thought about anything in this week’s edition, and if you want to help me beat the Raid in Destiny 2 then let me know, because I probably need my hand held a little bit. In the meantime, I’ll see you all in 7 and remember, until then…..

Don’t be a dick!