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The Gaming Rs: Rocket League Hits The Switch, Rampage Trailer, More

November 18, 2017 | Posted by Stewart Lange

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the Gaming Rs! Apologies to anyone who missed me last week, there was a couple of issues that prevented me from getting the column in on time. Those issues mainly stemmed from me being drunk and having to work hungover, so I can’t really lay the blame anywhere other than at my own door. I know you all missed me, but fear not because my laptop is back and working and I’m actually well prepared and have my writing schedule all figured out. While I have your attention with space to kill before I get started, have you checked out Progress Wrestling yet? Check out my podcast on the company “Screaming For Progress” by searching that on Facebook or iTunes, or on Twitter at @ProgressScream. Please and thank you. Also, check around the game site for a couple of reviews by yours truly this week. I’m making up for the missed week. Let’s get on with it.

Reader Feedback:

Not much to go on from last time for some reason, I obviously wasn’t interesting enough. Fear not, that’s changing today. Last time I criticised Assassins Creed Origins, praised Super Mario Odyssey and talked about Wolfenstein 2 a little bit.

Ervgotti85: You are being too harsh on Assassin’s creed origins. While I haven’t played It yet I thank it is great Ubisoft ditched Eagle vision for this game, because why would the earliest version of the story chronologically have one of the staple abilities when it seemed like it took centuries to perfect.

A prequel game realized that abilities and weapons shouldn’t be on par with or better than future tellings of the story like all Metal gear solid games were guilty off when you stopped playing as Solid Snake and started playing as the Big Boss.

Nothing I said was harsh. It’s in no way an Assassin’s Creed game, in my opinion. The lack of eagle vision doesn’t matter so much, as if you’d play it you’d realise that the eagle you get and the “animal instincts” you have to sense things around you are actually a lot more helpful than eagle vision. Otherwise, I agree with you, but for me, the combat was the most important part of AC after parkour and with that missing, it just doesn’t feel like the same game. It’s just a copy of the Witcher 3.

Crackhead_Bob: Switch has actually been picking up steam pretty well. Zelda, Mario, Splatoon, ARMs, MK8 and whatever else I can’t remember is a damn fine exclusive lineup for a machine only 7 months into its lifespan. Compared to say the Xbone which has Cuphead and another Forza as pretty much their only noteworthy recent exclusives going into this holiday season.

On another note…I remember seeing the first reveal pictures of Assassins Creed 1 in some magazine and being almost awestruck. Here we are 10 years and roughly 400 games in the series later and I can barely manage to feign enough interest to click on a screenshot when I see one. Much less play the games anymore. I thought them skipping a year would at least help reignite my interest..but nope. Didn’t happen. I think I’m officially over it.

Can’t disagree with either of those points at all. While I’ve already stated elsewhere I just couldn’t get into Breath of the Wild, it’s just one of a massive line up for the Switch that is making it the sleeper console of the generation. I think costs and availability may prevent it from doing as well as it should, but I believe it’s probably Nintendo’s best console since the N64. Come at me. On the Assassins Creed thing again, I don’t blame you at all. Although, I would say if you enjoyed the Witcher then try this, because it’s about as much like any of the 400+ prior games as I am.

An absolute disgraceful lack of comments last time, although if I can’t show up every week I shouldn’t expect you all to. Since I’m back now, how about you all slide into the comments this week and talk about all the exciting news that I’m about to cover? That’s right, it’s time once again to Right some wRongs.


The Right:

Rocket League has reached the Nintendo Switch, and it’s absolutely glorious. Not only is it just as fantastic as it was on PC, Xbox One or PS4, it also comes with cross-play ability for the two former platforms as well as portability. That’s right, I can play Rocket League on my train to work. I can play it against my Xbox buddies. It’s another reason the Switch is quickly becoming one of my favourite consoles. That’s right, I said it. As a bit of a Nintendo-phobe, I only really got a Switch because I felt a little bit left out, but with the exclusives being as good as they are and the fantastic third party support, the Switch has surpassed the Wii:U in almost every way at this point. What is most exciting here is that this is a huge leap forward for cross-play. While a few weeks ago I spoke about Fortnite “accidentally” allowing Xbox/PS4 cross-play, the fact that we can (almost) all play Rocket League in absolute harmony is nothing short of incredible and I can’t believe that this is the first place on the internet (probably) that you’ll hear someone really shouting about how amazing it is. Ignore the horrible news this week, get a Switch handy and score some goals in your tiny little car. It’s the most uplifting way to remind you that gaming shouldn’t be something that makes you angry, it’s something that should be celebrated.

The wRong:

So, I’ll address some upset caused in my Star Wars Battlefront 2 review. So, we don’t need to talk about how EA have absolutely battered the game in micro-transaction loot crates, locking characters like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and maybe Mr. Spock behind hours of grinding or paywalls. I have absolutely no problem with grinding for good characters, weapons or abilities. I 100% agree verbatim that you shouldn’t be given everything in the game right from that start. Where’s the fun in that? It’s just so greedy. So, here’s a compromise. If you are happy to grind through to unlock the characters and gear that you want, then that’s fantastic. But don’t get upset if people pay to take the short cut, or are upset that it’s going to take them longer than they may be able to play to do so. If you just want to pay for them, then hell, that’s your prerogative, but don’t insult the people who are going to grind happily for having “no life.” If you aren’t happy about either route, then you know what? It’s okay to admit that it’s just a video game and it’s actually not worth getting upset about for too long. Be disappointed, sure, but remember there are in fact different strokes for different folks. Let’s all just be nice to each other, we’re all gamers, after all.


The Ridiculous:

No further ridiculous, your honour. Video games don’t make good movies, this won’t work.

Thanks everyone for reading, until next time… Don’t be a dick!