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The Top 8 Wanted Portable to Console Ports: Persona 3 Portable, A Link Between Worlds, More

September 1, 2020 | Posted by Marc Morrison
Persona 3 Portable

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball! This week I’m here to talk portable games, specifically those that should make the transition to home consoles. This console generation, in particular, has had a LOT of portable games come to home consoles already: Final Fantasy Type 0, Phoenix Wright, Mega Man Zero, Loco Roco, and Persona 4 Golden to name just a few. So here’s my list of some other games I’d like to see come over as well. Enjoy:

#8: Advance Wars

I’ll admit that I’ve never played any Advance Wars games before. They came out, initially on the GBA then later DS and I have almost no experience with either system. When I first saw pictures of the game I just thought it was some bootleg version of Military Madness (or Nectaris). But it actually precedes that franchise by a few years, at least in Japan, hence why I thought that. My only real knowledge of Advance Wars is it features the same general gameplay of MM, like building units, taking over factories, attack power/range, etc. but it actually has a story/characters. Military Madness was basically “Do you want to be blue or green?”, but Advance Wars has characters you control, or at least that you talk to and you progress through a narrative campaign. With that said, it’d be nice if at least one (Advance Wars, Military Madness or Daisenryaku) could come back, or at least come to America again at some point.

#7: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

This was a pretty good little portable game. It had the whole “Recruit enemy soldiers” gimmick that MGS 5: Phantom Pain had but also let you swap characters mid-mission. Certain characters had better fighting strengths than others, but the non-combat ones could heal your four man squad, make items for you, etc. Really, since Konami is incapable of making a new Metal Gear game, and I imagine porting over MGS 4 is a nightmare, Portable Ops is about the best anyone could want for more Metal Gear on a bigger screen.

#6: Jeanne d’Arc

Jeanne d’Arc for the PSP was a pretty cool little historical strategy game for the PSP. It was loosely based on Joan of Arc and it had you follow Jeanne as she listens to a voice from the heavens as she vanquishes demons with a bracelet that she acquires. So, it’s actually fairly historically accurate then. This was around the same time as Eternal Sonata on the 360, which was a fictionalized RPG game based on Frederic Chopin, which was an interesting point in gaming history. The actual strategy game is pretty solid, as there are a few additions to make the game seem unique but it’s still comfortable enough for fans of the genre.

#5: Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble

God, Kenka Bancho is so great! You play as Takashi Sakamoto on a school trip where is a Bancho (young punk). He discovers that there are 43 other Banchos in town and he decides he’s going to take them all down and become the best Bancho, which is a totally Bancho thing for him to do. Kenka Bancho is mostly a fairly slow brawler, you unlock moves but actually moving the character is very sluggish, but everything about the story and personality of the game is superb. You start fights by laser-eye beaming other characters then you do a quick mini-game where you have to replicate a phrase in order to get the first hit in. There have been more of these games on other handhelds, but they’ve never come to a home console, I don’t think, and they’ve certainly never been released in America.

#4: Mega Man Powered Up

Considering all of the recent ports that Capcom has done, it’s annoying that neither Powered Up nor Mega Man X: Maverick Hunter haven’t also been brought to home consoles. I guess they could release them later on, but both games should have been included in their respective Legacy collection packages. I’ll focus more on Powered Up since I think it’s a better game. It’s a complete remake of the original Mega Man, adding in two new Robot Masters, Time Man and Oil Man, new challenges, new moves, and the ability to actually play as the Robot Masters. This was a very cool idea since they all had their strengths & weaknesses. Also, Powered Up had a pretty decent little level creator option if you wanted to go that route.

#3: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

I don’t have a 3DS, in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever even held one in my hands. While the 3DS does have its fair share of neat looking games the one I’ve always wanted to try if Link Between Worlds. And what better place to try it than on the Switch right now? I know the basic gist of Between Worlds, it’s basically the sequel to Link to the Past only with some new mechanics, like renting items, or the 2D stuff. All of it sounds great to play on a bigger screen so why not make it happen, Nintendo? I’d much rather take Link Between Worlds than the inevitable Twilight Princess port.

#2: Persona 3 Portable

This is an odd one since Persona 3 obviously started off as a home game then went to the PSP. Actually Persona 3 has two home versions original and FES, and FES added some epilogue stuff. Portable doesn’t have the FES stuff and has drastically reduced graphics/settings (you don’t really walk around the school, you just navigate via menu, for example), but it has two additions. The first is that you can play as a female character which alters some of the story/relationships between you and the rest of the SEES. The second, more important upgrade is that you just have direct control over your party members. Both regular Persona 3 and FES have this funky AI control system for your party members, aside from the main character. In Portable, they just let you control everyone directly, like in Persona 4 or 5, and it becomes a much better game. Ideally they would just split the difference and make “Persona 3 Complete”, with the graphics of Persona 3/FES, the FES content, but also letting you play as a woman and also giving you control over your party members directly.

#8: Dragonball Evolution


#1: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 is such a good game. As a prequel to Final Fantasy 7, you generally know the beats, but having Zack as the main character is nice since, unlike Cloud, he actually has a personality and goals. The battle system was neat, it was very action-focused but had an element of chance with the DMW, Digital Mind Wave (slot machine thing in the corner), which could bestow bonuses on Zack like restoring his health, having summons activate or even letting him be invulnerable for a time. Really, I just love everything about Crisis Core, the character, the story, the gameplay, visuals, etc. I’ll be interested to see if they incorporate any of the Crisis Core stuff into Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2, but really, I’d just love to play it on a PS4 or PC again, in a legal fashion.

For comments, list which portable games you’d like to see come to home consoles and why.

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