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The Walking Dead: March to War First Gameplay Trailer Released

July 13, 2017 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
The Walking Dead: March to War

Disruptor Beam has released the first gameplay trailer for the new, upcoming mobile game, The Walking Dead: March to War. You can check out the new gameplay trailer in the video player below.

March to War is a strategic multiplayer war game, based on the comic version of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. Players have to build up their own base on a shared gameplay map with other players. Then, gamers have to recruit and level up survivors and council members in order to build an army to fight alongside fellow players and communities made up of other players against the zombie hordes.

Other features include a PvP mode, where players can attack each other by targeting their bases and then putting together a raid party made up of a council member and five other survivors. Players can then send their own party to garrison their base and defend it. The Walking Dead: March to War is due out later this summer for Android and iOS.