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Titanfall 2 (Xbox One) Review

November 15, 2016 | Posted by Adam Larck
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Titanfall 2 (Xbox One) Review  

Titanfall was an impressive multiplayer title, to say the least.

From the parkour to calling massive mechs out of the sky for battle, there were plenty of events that made each battle a memorable experience with friends and foes online.

However, what Respawn Entertainment called a campaign was disappointing. Instead of a campaign, it was just multiplayer matches loosely tied together with a shallow plot.

That’s why it was so refreshing to hear that Titanfall 2 would have a full single player campaign. A major question, though, was if the fun of the multiplayer could translate into a good solo experience.

Thankfully, the answer is yes, even if the plot is still lackluster. The story follows Jack Cooper, who gets a Titan sooner than expected after his teacher is killed in front of him. From there, it’s a standard sci-fi story of mercenaries trying to find a power source to use with a weapon to wipe out evil. Nothing major there, but it moves things along.

There are some gimmicks to take note of that help make the mode more entertaining. In one area, you can go between the past and present to avoid danger or get around obstacles, which is an interesting idea to also experience some backstory. In another area, you get an “arc tool” that can activate platforms or have robots help you out in areas. It’s these short additions that keep changing the single player up and making it enjoyable.

The single player also wants you to get comfortable with not only piloting a mech, but by being alone as well. Sections are either one or another; seldom do you get the choice to go running around or getting in your Titan and moving along.

While this may seem disappointing, it does help build your skills on both sides before jumping into multiplayer. As the pilot, you’re running and gunning through levels, jumping between walls and using the double jump to seamlessly move through the world. It’s great fun, especially in later levels. Respawn really took the time to make the best use out of the abilities they put in the game, and it shows.

Meanwhile, the Titans come off as massive and lumbering, with slower movements complimented by a dash to get around corners and out of danger. If you’re stuck with nowhere to go, there are some defensive shields you can use while also being a bullet sponge. Thankfully, batteries laying around can be picked up to restore health.

One area that has been overhauled are the Titan’s weapons. There’s a good variety this time, from the blade, shotguns, auto-lock missiles and more. Titans also have an offensive and defensive ability, as well as a core ability, such as a laser from its chest or a charged up sword to go berserk with.

As for the multiplayer, the fun and great action from the last title is back, complete with some new abilities (such as grappling or a sonar-throwing device), new guns and the new Titans and its abilities. While you level up overall, each of your guns and Titans also level to unlock new abilities and enhancements, making you more lethal the better you use a weapon.

Another nice addition online are Networks. You can join one based on groups you like (such as YouTube stars, hobbies, Harambe, etc.) Joining up can give you bonuses if you play during certain times, let you meet new people with similar interest and hop into games with other players from your network, so it’s not as random as just a quickplay matchmaking. Also, you can switch between multiple networks, so if one network only has a few on, you can go to another with hundreds on.

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Titanfall 2 builds on everything that made the first game enjoyable while adding a short but fun campaign. While there’s a lot of multiplayer shooters out this year, Respawn’s newest entry is definitely one of the top ones that deserves a look.

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