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The Top 8 Capcom Franchise Games: Street Fighter IV, Marvel vs. Capcom, More

June 2, 2020 | Posted by Marc Morrison
Ultra Street Fighter IV

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball! This week I’m here to talk about Capcom franchise games. Capcom has a ton of franchises in their asrsenal and I honestly haven’t played them all. I can’t comment much on Monster Hunter, or Phoenix Wright, or Lost Planet. This is just my list of Capcom franchise games that I’ve played and generally know about. Let’s begin:

#8: Mega Man 5

Everyone generally says that Mega Man 2 is the best one in the series, but I have a fondness for MM5. It was the first one to introduce Beat, the little robot bird that can mess everything up. Also, while Mega Man 4 had the chargeable Mega Blaster, MM5 is the one that actually made it look like it shot, with you shooting a big old shot out of it, when fully powered up. Also, some of the stages in Mega Man 5 were pretty inventive, like Gravity Man’s stage, or Star Man’s level. This isn’t the most memorable Mega Man game, but it’s the one I liked the most.

#7: Dead Rising 4

It’s funny that a lot of the core Dead Rising fans like the first game for its esoteric systems, like only having one save slot, the hard timer-based missions, dealing with the survivors, and so on. These people wanted more of this crazy stuff. Not me. Every Dead Rising game since then has been made “easier”, by having more relaxed systems or quality of life improvements. Dead Rising 4 is the ultimate form of this as it is so braindead easy that it becomes a joke to play. You can craft some insanely lethal weapons and that just wreck everyone you come across, alive or undead. The mech suit you can get means you can just stomp around with impunity, dealing even more damage. Also, while there is a timer, it’s so de-emphasized that it barely matters at all.

#6: Onimusha 3: Demon’s Siege

Jean Reno, ‘nuff said. I’m only kidding like 10% with that comment. I actually really dug the story of the game. It basically swaps settings and characters, so that Samanosuke is transported to the present while Jacques is transported to feudal Japan. Both characters played different, Samanosuke had his typical sword and magic abilities while Jacques had an energy whip and also a gun. While there was another Onimusha game after this, that had decent reviews, this was the last truly “great” one, and I wish it was more fondly remembered.

#5: Mega Man X4

In the X franchise, I love me some Mega Man X4. X4 was the first in the X franchise to be on a 32 bit system and not be garbage like how Mega Man 8 turned out. It let you play as both X and Zero from the start who have similar storylines but have different characters in each. Also, both characters play differently, X plays like the usual Mega Man, buster shots and gaining powers from bosses while Zero was much more melee focused and gained new moves from boss defeats. While some of the voice work is slightly dodgy, the anime sequences are great and still a highlight of the franchise. Lastly, the music is brilliant.

#4: DmC: Devil May Cry

I have a friend who liked the earlier Devil May Cry games but for years didn’t play DmC because “Dante looks different”. What a dumb reason. Once he finally did play it, he loved it. I think DmC is a complicated game that can be approached in a simple way. You can just kind of button mash your way through the game but there is a very deep combat system you can explore, if you want to. Also, the story and visuals are great, with a lot of good humor coming through. I haven’t played DMC 5 yet, but I found DmC to be the best in the franchise.

#3: Street Fighter IV

Even the basic Street Fighter IV is great, with a lot of returning characters but also new and interesting characters to keep people interested. This is where Street Fighter 3 failed in its execution. I think Street Fighter 4, much like DmC, is easy to approach but can be hard to master. You can just kind of throw out Hadoukens and Sonic Boom’s all you want, but there are more strategic fighting systems if you know what you’re doing. They added a ton onto this game with various upgrades and DLC offerings, making it a much more complete fighting game than say, Street Fighter V.

#2: Resident Evil 2 (Remake)

This remake is so good in that it entirely captures what is good about the original game. The map layout is, if not entirely, than virtually identical to the original game, aside from some of the side character stuff. It has a brilliant map system that annotates locked doors so that you can more easily explore new areas you can get to with the right equipment. The game is also completely gorgeous to look at from start to finish. I’d like to get my hands on the RE3 remake at some point, but I already had more memories with original RE2, so I can’t see how it could be better.

#1: Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes features 56 playable characters, 1 duplicate set (Wolverine vs. Bone Wolverine) and about 20 characters who play like Ryu. What more could a fighting game fan, or a comic-book fan want in their life? Elements of the game might not have aged that well, like the assy-looking sprites compared to the crisp 3D backgrounds, but that’s about the only fault. Well that, and having no story to speak of. I love playing this game, even to this day, having copies of it on every platform I own, including the god-awful iOS version. It’s the perfect distillation of a fighting game with a lot of standard characters, mixed with some really off the wall ones. My usual team is Cyclops, Iceman and Gambit, but I can play with almost anyone and have a good time with it. I’d love it if they made another good one, but given the brain-drain at Capcom, particularly in regards to fighting games, this won’t ever happen.

For comments, list your favorite games from Capcom franchises and why.

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