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Top 8 E3 News and Announcements – Final Fantasy VII, Zelda, More

June 25, 2019 | Posted by Marc Morrison
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball! Well, E3 is over and it was interesting. There wasn’t a ton of huge and shocking things but the various companies did manage to reveal some good stuff, so that is nice. The lack of Sony did hurt the overall spectacle I think but overall it was a decent enough show. Below is a following of the things that piqued my interest during the show. Let’s begin:

#8: Avengers Shown

So, Sqaure has shown off their Avengers game and “Yeesh” was my internal response. I’m putting this on here because I was excited for this game when they announced it but not anymore. The fact they showed off almost no actual gameplay during their trailer but had a two minute long announcement of the voice actors and their motivations for their characters? Madness! Absolute and utter madness! I was previously down on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 but the fact they did say “Yo, X-Men and Fantastic Four will eventually be in it” has helped turned that tide for me. I literally can’t think of anything worse shown off than Avengers.

#7: Watch Dogs: Legion Shown

As I predicted, and what leaked, Watch Dogs: Legion was shown and it looks alright? Well, OK, the granny stuff looked great, everything else just looked good. I think in the UI that there is a limit of like 50 people you can recruit, which is kind of a lot. Their version of London does look accurate, especially once Brexit does happen and cause the UK to come to ruin. My only real sticking point is the lack of a “main” character. It kind of reminds me of State of Decay, which was a slightly odd part of that game.

#6: Link’s Awakening Release Date

They announced a Link’s Awakening release date and it’s soon! It’s due out September 20th, which is only 3 months away. I imagine this’ll be one of the big holiday games for the Switch, which it deserves to be. The actual art style reminds me a lot of World of Final Fantasy, which is kind of neat. That dungeon-creator thing better have some online sharing capability, otherwise it is kind of an interesting but useless feature. Also, from the trailer, they have modernized the game a bit by having the sword attack be a separate button, so you can equip two different items at the same time.

#5: Banjo Kazooie in Smash Bros

This has been rumored/hoped for a while and it’s finally come to fruition. Banjo Kazooie is going to be made a Super Smash Bros. character and uh…alright? I guess I don’t have a ton of attachment to the two characters as others do. I figure that if Microsoft is never going to meaningfully use the franchise again, Nintendo might as well get it, since that’s still the platform people most associated with those characters.

#4: Breath of the Wild Sequel

Breath of the Wild is getting a sequel and that’s cool. Truth be told, I never actually finished the first BOTW. I liked it a lot but it felt oddly aimless to me and I wanted something driving me a bit more. I’ll be curious to see how the game follows up on the story, or if it even does. It could be in some other sort of land and that would be just fine. It’s also interesting that this game will (likely) be on a somewhat quicker release schedule than some of the past Zelda releases.

#3: Double Fine Bought

This was another news event that didn’t set well with me. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tim Schafer’s reason of “Eh, they gave us a bunch of money.”, which is about the most honest answer you can give. My trepidation is as follows: back in the day Psychonauts was originally going to be an original Xbox exclusive game. But Microsoft thought they had too many 3D platformers and cut it loose, only to be picked up by Majesco. Yes, Microsoft instead backed Voodoo Vince and Blinx 2. So…they clearly could pick winners, back in the day. My hope for this acquisition is that Microsoft just drops off a dump truck full of cash to them and leaves them alone, but I doubt this is going to come to pass.

#2: Cyberpunk Keanu Reeves

There were a few good surprises during the conferences but one of the biggest surprises was that of Keanu Reeves showing up in Cyberpunk 2077. He’s not just some cameo in the game but looks to be a fairly integral character to the story. What’s even better is he then appeared on stage to talk about his involvement. While he’s been in games before, this seems like a better fit for him. If they don’t have some red pill/blue pill joke in Cyberpunk though, that will be a missed opportunity.

#1: Final Fantasy VII-1 Release Date

The other big surprise of E3 was the stage presence of this game. They showed a lot of the early parts off, which looked great, of course. The real shocker though was the release date: March 3rd, 2020. That is soon…much sooner than I anticipated. My initial guess for this thing was like 2022, years after the PS4/XB1 were gone, but I guess not. It should be noted that while they didn’t say how many episodes this would be, it likely will be at least two, if not 3 or 4, depending on how they split it up.

For comments, list your biggest news from E3 and why.

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