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The 8 Ball: Top 8 Food-Based Games – Pepsiman, BurgerTime, More

December 4, 2018 | Posted by Marc Morrison

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball! This week I’m here to talk about food-based games. There are a lot of games centered around food, cooking, or something in between. Two games not on this list are Cooking Mama (never played it), and Pizza Connection (couldn’t get it to run correctly). Let’s begin:

#8: Soda Drinker Pro

Soda Drinker Pro is a bit of a gag game but one that is still kind of great. The goal is to just drink soda through the various levels. The game is ugly as sin, but considering it was made in a day, the fact it works at all is kind of a miracle. There is a secret mode, which unlocks some mini-games and such. Honestly though, Soda Drinker Pro is just a relaxing experience where you can just drink soda as you please.

#7: Overcooked

I’m sure Overcooked (and its sequel) are great games. I wouldn’t really know, I’ve only been able to really play them in a single-player setting and that isn’t too much fun. If you’re with someone else, or a group of people, I’m sure it’s a chaotic and fun time. But on your own, it’s passable but just not that enjoyable. Still, for those who have played it with friends, I’m sure it’s a blast.

#6: Cool Spot

It’s a platformer where you play as the second-best mascot of a soft drink company? I may not be a fan of the actual pop but this game was a decent little game, back in the day. You play as the Cool Spot as you go through levels, collect the little spots and shoot enemies. It’s not the most creative game in the world and there are definitely better platformers out there but in a pinch, it’ll serve you well.

#5: Sneak King

It’s Metal Gear Solid or Hitman, yet instead of murdering fools, you shove Burger King in their faces, which may be worse. At least with most of Agent 47’s methods, it is a quick death and not a slow one like eating a Whopper. Kidding aside, Sneak King is a silly game but I enjoy it. You play as the titular King and you sneak around delivering food to the masses. You can get bonus points for doing more fancy deliveries, or you can be quick and forego that. Of the three Burger King games released for the original Xbox/360, Sneak King is the obvious best of the bunch.

#4: Pepsiman

It’s probably not the first one, especially since even original Crash Bandicoot had similar levels, but Pepsiman is the first “endless runner” type of game, all the way through. Your goal is to make it to the end of the level while trying to pick up as many Pepsi cans as you can, along the way. Your two moves are jump and slide, which you’ll need to do a ton of to avoid the obstacles that the game throws at you. I remember I had to import this game, way, WAY back in the day, and it was a total blast to play.

#3: BurgerTime

If you really think about it, BurgerTime is a *really* weird game. You are either a burger-sized man running around on ingredients or a normal-size man and all the burger stuff is HUGE. I honestly look at this game as a quasi-variation of Pac Man. You run across a level, having to avoid enemies while completing a task (having the ingredients fall, level by level), and picking up special items for bonus points. As the chef, you do have at least one offensive move, you can “pepper” an enemy which stuns them a bit but that’s all. If you do manage to kill an enemy (egg, hot dog, or pickle), they quickly respawn, much like a Pac Man ghost as well. Also, I disagree with the mentality of this game, cooked eggs in burgers rules. Still, BurgerTime is a great arcade classic, much like Food Fight.

#2: Battle Chef Brigade

Man, I wish I had Battle Chef Brigade on the Switch. I got it on PC and while it’s fine there, having the game in a portable format would be really great. You play as Mina, a new student and hopeful member of the Battle Chef Brigade school. Your end goal is to become a full member of the brigade and stop the monster infection that is plaguing the world. You do this by hunting down monsters and throwing their body parts into a pot to make food with. You make food via a match-3 system where you can improve ingredients and try to make the perfect food that the judges will want. Later parts of the game involve you having to manage multiple meals, worry about poison ingredients, and picking the right equipment for your hunting and cooking, but it never gets old and is always challenging.

#1: Cook, Serve, Delicious!

Cook, Serve, Delicious! is basically Overcooked, if it was a strictly single-player affair…and was more difficult. You run a restaurant by yourself and have to cook/serve meals to people who buy them. Ideally they should be delicious as well. Most meals are a quick mini-game, like getting the right pop order correct or sprinkling salt on pretzels but some things you make have a lot of variation to them and require you to pay attention like a burger or pizza. The goal is to make as many orders as you can, which leads to you upgrading your restaurant, buying new equipment, being able to make more food, etc. I haven’t played the sequel yet but I know it has a more realistic graphical style which looks great.

For comments, list your favorite food-based games and why.

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