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Top 8 Franchises Needing a Game: Arrow, Judge Dredd, More

December 10, 2019 | Posted by Marc Morrison

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball! This week I’m here to talk about other media franchises that should get a game. By that I mean other movies, TV shows, books, comics, etc. that should get a game. Let’s begin:

#8: Fringe

I’m starting this list off with two procedurals but with different aims. The first is Fringe, which started off as an X-Files pastiche but quickly morphed into something else. I could see this working as a LA Noire type of game, where you go to crime scenes, investigate clues, have conversations with people, and occasionally have gun fights with shapeshifting robots or Observers. So, really, it would exactly be like LA Noire. They could also have more interdimensional traveling, which is something Fringe obviously had, but didn’t really expound on too much.

#7: Person of Interest

This is the other procedural type of show on this list, but with a different idea behind it. My ideal for this game would be to do a Hitman-esque game where you control Reese and you actually have to identify, tail, and either save or execute your client before their time expires. You would have Harold in your ear, digging up information on the person like age, sex, height, weight, etc., all in an attempt to reach that person before the time expires. Hell, they could probably just use the Hitman 2 engine at this point.

#6: Judge Dredd

Now, there have been Judge Dredd games before but they’ve all been crap. Notably Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death developed by Rebellion Developments, so you *know* it’s good. Dredd, as a concept is fairly simple: uphold the law while in Mega-City One. You have a nice assortment of weapons, primarily the Lawgiver with multiple ammo types, but also the Lawmaster bike and Manta Prowl tank. There are a ton of great Dredd villains to choose from, both mortal and not, so you could have a lot of fun dealing with his rogues gallery.

#5: Parks & Recreation

There has been some talk about doing a Parks & Rec revival. While I would love it, I doubt they could get certain key people back (Chris Pratt, for one) because of their, now, busy schedules. I could see this as a Telltale-style adventure game, where each episode you could take on a different character. Episode 1 would be Leslie, episode 2 is Ron, episode 3 is April/Andy, episode 4 is Ann/Chris Trager and episode 5 is Ben. You would have to deal with the citizens of Pawnee as you put forth your plans and gather support for them. They could probably get at least…90% of the cast back to voice themselves. I would also settle for a cartoon series.

#4: The Guild

Considering the source material, it’s kind of shocking that The Guild never was made into a game. It could be fairly easy to do, I think. You would basically have two games: the first is a Sims-style game where you (as Syd) have to deal not only with your own personal upkeep, but also mediating guild drama and interpersonal relationships. The other side of the game would be a MMO-simulation, where you play a MMORPG but the success of your missions and raids depends on how the other Guild members are doing. So, let’s say that Vork is in a depressed mental state, it would lower his effectiveness as the guild leader and main warrior. So the game would become a balancing act of trying to keep everyone mostly happy while also leveling up your MMO character.

#3: Starship Troopers (Book)

Now, I say “Book” here because the book and movie differ wildly in how they portray war. In the movie, lightly-armored soldiers are basically cannon fodder, hundreds if not thousands of soldiers go up against largely (stupid) bugs that just rely on natural weapons (claws, fire spray) to deal death. The book has this completely different. Soldiers, in the book, are basically wearing big mech-suits that are incredibly well-armored and well-armed. The bugs, Arachnids in the book, aren’t “stupid”, nor are their huge numbers of them. They also wield weapons themselves, and are deadly, even in small numbers. I just saw that there is a new Starship Troopers RTS game (the trailer above) headed to PC next year and while it looks neat, it’s taking almost all of its cues from the movie series. I’d really like to see a take on the book material.

#2: The Boondocks

It might be derisive to say “What if Afro Samurai, but good?” but that is kind of the crux of this. The main vehicle I could see for this is a lot like the first two Penny Arcade RPGs or the South Park RPGs, where you control both Huey and Riley, as you navigate Woodcrest, help out Grandpa, battle against Stinkmeaner and have to contend with the annoyances of Uncle Ruckus. Combat would be a timing-based affair, where the better you do commands and special moves, the higher your damage, etc. You could even have summons like “The Power of Tom”, where Tom DuBois shows up, sings a song and damages enemies on screen. Use the Costume Quest game engine, if you want to keep it simple.

#1: Green Arrow/Arrow

It’s actually kind of shocking that a Green Arrow game hasn’t been made already. Considering how popular the Arrow series is, and how long it’s been on the air, you’d think someone would have said “Hmm, this seems to be doing alright, why not make a game out of it?” Now, a Green Arrow game wouldn’t have the production values/scale of the Batman Arkham games, but it doesn’t necessarily need to either. You could do it on a much smaller scale than that and still have it be good. Getting Stephen Amell to voice him would be key, and he’d probably enjoy doing it, since he did some of the VO work for the first Injustice game.

For comments, list which fictional franchises you’d like to see made into a game and why.

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