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The 8 Ball: Top 8 Games of 2018 – Red Dead Redemption 2, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, More

January 8, 2019 | Posted by Marc Morrison
Red Dead Redemption 2

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball! Well, 2018 is now over and here is my Game of the Year list. I didn’t play every game that came out in 2018 (no one does), so this is just a list of the games that I’ve played. Some other games that didn’t quite make my top 8 might include: Fhouse Flipper, Monster Hunter World, Dead Cells, Octopath Traveler and so on, but I only had 8 slots to work with. Enjoy:

#8: Persona 3/Persona 5 Endless Night Collection

It is Persona music in a rhythm game. I’ve actually only really dug into the Persona 5 game, I just like the characters and music more for it, but it’s great. The remixes on the classic songs do the soundtrack justice. I’m not great at the actual gameplay part, I can do “alright” but I doubt I’ll ever master the button combos well enough to pull off an amazing sequence. I just like that the games came out here (with Persona 4 Dancing, if you got the special edition) and I’m able to play them anytime I want.

#7: Red Dead Redemption 2

I know I had RDR 2 on my list last week for disappointed but I still can appreciate it. It just never managed to grab me like it has with so many others in the gaming world. What I can admire about the game are the visuals, the sounds (particularly the voice acting), and the general story are all great. However, the archaic mission design just put me off from it, time after time. Arthur Morgan is a pretty great character though and his transition from loyal lieutenant to a somwaht more noble guy was handled well.

#6: Detroit: Become Human

I’m not going to say that Detroit is a perfect game, believe me I know it has flaws. But for me, Detroit was an good game for two reasons: 1. Clancy Brown and 2. It was a futuristic world that I would want to actually live in. The world in which David Cage presents isn’t ideal but it’s better than what is going on now. But let’s get back to my first point: CLANCY BROWN! Mr. Brown is a superb actor, giving it his all in everything he is in, and I really enjoyed his performance here. Also, the actress who portrayed Chloe (Gabrielle Hersh) was good as well. If you did like Detroit: Become Human I recommend you check out a show called “Humans” on AMC/Channel 4 as it deals with similar concepts.

#5: Dragon Ball FighterZ

It’s an Arc Systems Works games with characters people actually give a damn about! Whoo-hoo! From a gameplay perspective, it’s Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (3 on 3 fighting) mixed with the usual Arc gameplay with flashy combos and one-hit kill maneuvers. However, there is such care and attention to detail in the game, that I can’t help but be impressed. Also, this game does the Guilty Gear Xrd thing of being a 3D game just on a 2D plane, so it is gorgeous in how it looks and animates. The story mode goes on for WAY too long but the core fighting system is deep and rewarding.

#4: Tetris Effect

It’s Tetris with insane visuals and music by a supereme Japanese electronic musician. Done & done! As a Tetris game, I’m not a fan of how they prioritize the T-spin nonsense into having more points than an actual Tetris but that’s just me. The different modes may not be as zany as Puyo Puyo Tetris but it is a more cohesive experience. The audio/visuals though are great, and since I just a PSVR it pops even better. You are dazzled by what is going on when the action really gets going. Now…it just needs to add in an online competitive mode…

#3: Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Smash is back!…I guess? Truth be told, the last Smash game I really got into was Melee and that’s only because my friend Kevin and I usually play it whenever he stops over. The roster in Ultimate is overwhelming, to be honest. I know there was some grousing about unlocking the roster, but it’s actually a smart move. If you had access to everyone at the start you would have no incentive to try anyone other than Bayonetta (who is the best character), so you couldn’t see how garbage characters like Pichu or Lucina operate. As a fighting game, it’s challenging but approachable, it can get complex but is easy enough for people to get the basics fairly well. Also, the story mode is something I don’t think I’ll ever finish.

#2: Marvel’s Spider-Man

Spider-Man games have been great to terrible but this was special. It’s a take on Spider-Man’s traditional game design with a modern console powering it. Swinging around the city is always fun just because of the amount of tricks and locomotive systems you have access to. Fighting can be challenging at first but once you have some gadgets unlocked, you’ll be taking on dozens of guys with ease. Plus, I enjoyed the slight twists on the usual story formula, like showing the downfall of Otto and the introduction of Miles in the game. This is another game I got a platinum trophy in and it was well worth it.

#1: God of War

This is actually the easiest pick for me, for one simple reason. Before the 2018 reboot of God of War, the franchise/series was bad. The 2018 version is actually great. That merits something to me. I spent maybe 4 or 5 hours total with the prior “main” God of War games before giving up, but sunk 30 hours into this one easily, getting the platinum trophy which could be a real pain to deal with. Kratos has an actual character/personality, the story is excellent, the game is gorgeous and the combat works incredibly well. It’s an all-around superb game that is superb to play.

For comments, list your favorite games of 2018 and why.

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