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Top 8 Games Deserving a TV Show: The Division, Metroid, More

July 24, 2019 | Posted by Marc Morrison
The Division

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball! This week I’m here to talk about games that should get a TV show. For these picks, I’m talking about live-action shows, not cartoons. Cartoons are relatively easy to do, compared to live action, so this is a tad more difficult. Let’s begin:

#8: Nier: Automata

This might be a hard one but is actually doable. If I were to do an Automata show, I would focus on 2B and 9S as the main characters, among a few other androids. You could introduce the more existential elements as the show progresses, with A2 becoming a more main character as the series progresses. I think the visual aspect would have to be key though, as the game certainly has a distinctive look to it. I imagine the robots (both good and bad) could be done in CGI, or some of the smaller ones might be a practical effect. I could probably see Florence Pugh portraying 2B, at least.

#7: Deus Ex/Detroit: Become Human

I put both of these together since they deal in similar themes. Really, I’d just love to see a good, future-technology TV show. There was an AMC/Channel 4 show called “Humans” that was very Detroit-like but it got bogged down a tad the more it went on. So, maybe a Deus Ex show? I’d probably use the Human Revolution jumping off point and have Adam Jensen be the main character. Since Preacher is ending soon, I could see Dominic Cooper in the lead.

#6: Judgement

Here’s the thing, this game could be turned into a TV show very easily, much more so than Yakuza. I don’t think Takuya Kimura is young enough to play Yagami, but it’d be interesting to see him try, I guess. My basic idea for a Judgement show is that Yagami and Kaito have to solve cases of the week, from finding criminals, protecting people, going undercover and so on. But there would be a larger, serialized, season-long mystery that would get solved by the season finale.

#5: Dead Rising

There is a lot of zombies crap on TV right now, notably the Walking Dead franchise shambling corpse, so why not a show that has a sense of humor. For this thing, I’d follow the basic conceit of the game(s): first season would have Frank in the mall, second season Chuck in Fortune City, and so on. You would introduce Frank in the second season with him and Chuck eventually teaming up to escape, then you could flash forward a bit to Nick Ramos (Dead Rising 3). He might be too old/busy with his Rookie show, but Nathan Fillion would be a great Frank West.

#4: Driver

When I say “Driver” I don’t mean the first four awful Driver games. I’d like a Driver game based on Driver: San Francisco. Meaning Tanner gets knocked out, wakes up (in his own mind) and is still a cop hunting Jericho? There was a series about a decade ago called “Life on Mars” that had a similar idea, but the guy woke up in the past. For a Driver game, I almost see it being Quantum Leap-like, where every episode Tanner is someone else, in his own San Fran mindscape. If we can’t de-age Scott Bakula for the role, I could see Scott Foley as Tanner instead.

#3: The Division

Now, they are making a movie based on this, but it sounds like a bad idea. Maybe not terrible, but it’ll be a tired rehash of Contagion, which was a rehash of Outbreak, which was a rehash of a dozen different, earlier virus movies. So, I would say, forget the movie, just do a TV show. You could still have it set around Christmas time, with the plague starting then, but you could actually have characters from The Division agency and civilians working together to stop the spread/find who started it. I don’t have a cast idea for this, because the series literally is so open-ended, so you could find a bunch of good unknown actors and slot them all in.

#2: Metroid

It’s really shocking that there hasn’t been a real attempt at a Metroid series before. Unlike other franchises, Mario and Zelda to name two, Metroid, as a concept, is fairly easy to do. Have Samus Aran be an intergalactic bounty hunter as she travels from planet to planet hunting down bounties, as well as space pirates. DONE. The only hitch might be casting as the only two actresses that could portray Samus would be Gwendoline Christie or Elizabeth Debicki. Christie does have more experience behind a stupid helmet, so I don’t know if she’d do it again, but who knows? I’d also give Samus more of a crew for her space ship but not go overboard like the past few Metroid games have.

#1: Rival Schools

Given the rash of young-adult dramas that have been cropping up on TV, this seems like a no-brainer. I think the basic gist would be that there are three or four different high schools, fight for fun or based on rivalries. However, the principal at the main school is forcing kids to fight more viciously/brainwashing them, and the other students have to band together to bring him down. I’m not sure who you could get to play the different characters, also transplanting it to America would be easy enough, but this is another show that could be filled with unknown actors and it would probably do great. If I did have to suggest a cast, I’d say everyone from the recently cancelled Deadly Class could be cast here instead.

For comments, list your favorite games that deserve TV shows and why.

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