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Top 8 Games I’m Thankful for in 2019: Resident Evil 2, Overwatch, More

November 26, 2019 | Posted by Marc Morrison
Resident Evil 2

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball! I know last time I mentioned I was going to do games I wanted from fictional characters but I expanded that a tad, hence the delay. But, with the holiday coming up, I thought it might be more fun to talk about the games (and one console) I’ve been thankful for this year. These aren’t all new games, but these are typically the games I’ve most played through the year or are special to me. Let’s begin:

#8: Persona 5

I’m thankful for Persona 5 this year because I *finally* was able to get the Platinum Trophy in the game. Most of the trophies in the game are fairly easy to get, but a few, notably the “Hear Futaba say 250 Unique Lines in Battle” trophy, which was a NIGHTMARE. I had to wander around the Mementos dungeon, purposefully getting my characters infected with status ailments, in hoping Futaba might pipe up with a “Morgana is infected with despair!”, or something like that. But, I was able to do it, finally. I’m also thankful that Persona 5 Royal and (hopefully) Persona 5 Scramble also come out next year.

#7: Overwatch

So this was actually the first year I got into Overwatch. I still think it’s kind of a Team Fortress 2 clone, but it does have enough different hooks as to be its own thing. I typically only play “Tank” characters because those are the ones that net you lootboxes to open up as a daily reward. I’m a decent enough Reinhardt and Roadhog player but these are the only two I truck with. I actually enjoy the game much more playing just against stupid bots, like in the Junkenstein event, so Overwatch 2 might be even more up my alley than this game.

#6: Resident Evil 2

I’m thankful for this game for proving that, A. Remakes can work well, and B. Capcom is still capable of pulling off a good game. The last few years haven’t been especially kind to Capcom. While Monster Hunter World was generally seemed a sure-fire hit, other games like Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, Street Fighter 5, Dead Rising 4, and countless legacy collection games didn’t exactly move them forward a lot. So, it’s nice to see that Devil May Cry 5 and RE2 came out this year and di well both creatively and commercially. For me, RE2 is the big winner since I have such clear memories of the original game and this game really invokes those sequences in a fantastic new light. With a Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake rumored to be coming out next year, it’s nice to see a Capcom resurgence as of late.

#5: Luigi’s Mansion 3

This is actually the first Luigi’s Mansion game I’ve played, so I’m thankful that it exists. It’s often a very challenging game, not in terms of action or platforming, but in terms of figuring out puzzles. Like, “How do I get this gem on top of a bookcase?” or “What’s the best way to take down this hidden Boo ghost?” I liked that the first few areas of the hotel were fairly normal but then it graduates to arboretum and medieval castle. It’s also nice that every ghost boss has a distinct look and motif, which helps distinguish them from just regular ghosts. I’m only about halfway through this game, but it is a ton of fun so far.

#4: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

I typically view Isaac as “comfort gaming”. Whenever I need to unwind at night, I’ll usually play a round (or 5) of this, seeing how far I can go, or occasionally resetting until I get an item/weapon at the start I really like. This isn’t strictly unique to Isaac, other games like Necrodancer, Spelunky, Rogue Legacy, Dead Cells, etc., all have this in common as well. But Isaac is the one I’ve latched onto the most, probably because it has the best keyboard controls (compared to those other games), so I can just kind of casually play it right before bed.

#3: Analogue Super NT

I’m extremely thankful I was able to purchase one of these units this year, with the help of a friend. I got the Super Famicom edition (grey with black buttons), because the clear one isn’t sold anymore and is ridiculously expensive online. The big reason I bought it is that my actual Super Nintendo is broken, with it displaying graphical corruption, if not game corruption (in certain cases) with a few games. If it was a game like Bebe’s Kids or Pit Fighter I wouldn’t care, but I couldn’t even finish Super Metroid because my SNES was so busted, so the Super NT is the best way to fix that. It might be expensive, at around $200 or so, but it is the absolute best way to play Super Nintendo games on a modern TV.

#2: Fire Emblem: Three Houses

This is related to my earlier column about surprises of the year. I’m thankful Three Houses exists because it is basically comfort food: the game. While I play Isaac to unwind during the night, I play Three Houses during the day, because I enjoy spending time with the characters and playing the strategy game. The strategy game is mostly simple but I like it because it doesn’t get needlessly complicated like a Disgaea game. But really, the student collecting/social aspects are the real clutch thing for me. I like almost every character in the game, so spending time with them is like watching an episode of Cheers. And for anyone curious, Edelgard is basically the Lilith Sternin of the game.

#1: Remnant: From the Ashes

I’m thankful to Remnant for allowing me to finally get into one of these Dark Souls-like games. I enjoy the world of Remnant a lot, the shooting is good (either solo or with two other people), the bosses are interesting, the different classes are fun, the way you can customize your characters skills is inventive, etc. I doubt I’ll ever actually finish the game, or at least it will take me a long time, simply because I enjoy resetting the game world and powering up my character more and more. I know some more Dark Souls purists don’t like this game, but I’m still in love with it.

For comments, list which games you’re thankful for this year and why.

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