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Top 8 Games Needing a Port: Metal Gear Solid 4, Lost Odyssey, More

February 25, 2020 | Posted by Marc Morrison
Metal Gear Solid 4

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball! This week I’m here to talk about older games, specifically games stuck on earlier consoles. This console cycle has seen a whole host of older games having HD ports, if not out and out remakes come to them, so it got me thinking about games I’d like that happen to, at least when it comes to port jobs. Now, most of these games can be played on PC, if you really want to work hard at it, but not all of them, and that’s not in an ideal, legal way. Let’s begin:

#8: The Darkness

Considering the second Darkness game is on PC, I’m annoyed that the first one never made a jump to that platform. I readily admit that the second one plays much better, and is more enjoyable. But, I just didn’t like the story as much. Also, I think the first Darkness game has a definite “feel” (like other Starbreeze games), which makes it more unique. I also just enjoyed the first one’s look a lot more, it had a stylized look to it that the second one couldn’t match. Lastly, Kirk Acevedo was a much better Jackie than Brian Bloom, I thought.

#7: 3D Dot Game Heroes

I’ll admit that I never actually played too much of 3D Dot Game Heroes. By the time I got it, my PS3 was already on its last legs so I didn’t want to chance it too much. 3D Dot Game Heroes is basically a modern version of the old isometric Zelda games, almost to a fault. You explore the over-world, find hidden stuff, go through dungeons, battle bosses, etc. The unique hooks for the game was that you could power up your sword to make it HUGE or long, so you could stay away from danger. Also, the game had a really neat voxel look to it, which is still pretty nice to look at.

#6: The Warriors

I think this is the only game on this list which is from two generations ago, not just one. The Warriors might not have been Rockstar’s most ambitious game, but I think it was the one they had the most of their heart in. After all, why would you make action/brawler game that is based on a cult film from the 1970’s? Still, the game worked really well, telling a greatly expanded version of the Warriors story and diving into each of the characters that the film didn’t bother to do. Still, there is no (real) modern way to play this game, which is a shame.

#5: Trash Panic

Trash Panic is still a weird game. The basic crux of the game is that you are trying to fill a trash bin up with a seemingly endless amount of trash. The hitch is, you can smash/break objects, which creates more room in the tiny trash can. You can also, occasionally, set things on fire, which really clears out the can, if you can get a good blaze going. It’s SUPER weird but highly enjoyable. Actually, the oddest thing is that objects also have some wonky physics, so they can occasionally fall out of the can, and if it happens three times, you lose the stage. It’s one of those quirky Japanese games that has been generally forgotten about this console cycle.

#4: Lost Odyssey

This is probably still one of my favorite RPGs on the 360. The problem is, it’s only on the 360. I think you, technically, can play it on PC, but it’s basically being streamed from an Xbox One, which isn’t the same thing. That game is fairly timing-focused, so having any lag wouldn’t be great. There are darker means to play it on PC but those aren’t ideal either. I’d love to see this game at least brought to PC’s in a legal and functional way. The game is running on Unreal Engine 3 so I can’t imagine it’s too big of a technical hurdle getting the game to run on modern computers. I imagine Microsoft may have forgotten about it and Mistwalker has been mired in mobile game development, so even if they wanted to bring the game PC’s, they probably don’t know how to anymore.

#3: Amped 3

I imagine the music rights for this game would be an absolute nightmare. You know how ported games like Tony Hawk HD or GTA San Andreas are missing a few songs? I think if they tried this with Amped 3, they would need to replace at least half of the soundtrack. Even if they did that, I would still buy the hell out of a port on current consoles/PC. Why? Because Amped 3 is still one of the best snowboarding games out there. It had intuitive controls, a lot of challenges and a good look. Also, the story is COMPLETELY CRAZY in the best way, and is such an imaginative thing that more people should experience it.

#2: Tokyo Jungle

I might actually kill for a Tokyo Jungle 2. Barring that, I would easily re-buy Tokyo Jungle on a PS4 or on Steam. The game is just so weird and great. You play either an herbivore or carnivore after humanity has mysteriously disappeared. Your only goal is to survive and propagate, to spread your pack, if you can find a suitable mate. There is a story mode where you play as specific animals following a story, but the survival mode is just a lot more fun, I think.

#1: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

This is another game that I’m pissed is still shackled to the PS3 ecosystem. It didn’t need to come to 360, at the time, but I would really like to play this game again, just not be forced to dig up my PS3 to do so. If you really want to, you can play most MGS games, if you really want to go through some trouble, even if they are on older consoles. You can’t really do that with MGS 4 though since it never came to anything else. This is kind of a shame, MGS used to be partially cross-platform, and heck, even a PS4 version would be nice to play.

For comments, list which games you wish would be ported and why.

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