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The 8 Ball: Top 8 Most Anticipated Games of 2019 – Kingdom Hearts 3, Judgement, More

January 15, 2019 | Posted by Marc Morrison
Kingdom Hearts III

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball! This week I’m here to talk about some of the game I’m looking forward to this year. There are some heavy hitters for sure but nothing like in 2018, as far as excitement goes, at least for me. There are a lot more unknown quantities for this year as well as the beginning of the year being frontloaded with some (likely) terrific games. Let’s begin:

#8: Wild

I’m not sure if/when Wild is ever supposed to come out but why not hope for 2019? The game kind of reminds me of an older game called “Messiah” where you could possess other characters/animals and use their specific traits to get past puzzles. There’s still not a ton of info about the game but the trailers look pretty good and I appreciate the natural look of the game. Plus taking control of a flock of birds to attack a gang of cannibals always seem fun.

#7: The Surge 2

I didn’t get too deep into the first Surge game, other games came up, but I did like it. I much prefer a science fiction aesthetic to a fantasy one, which is one reason I couldn’t get into it. I liked the gameplay system of having to target specific body parts to get upgraded parts/materials for your own mech suit. I hope the sequel is able to take place more in space or in more varied scifi environments to explore as that was probably one of the first game’s biggest omissions.

#6: Bayonetta 3

Amazon lists this game as coming out in December 31st, 2019, so that’s gotta be the release date, right?! While this is obviously a placeholder release date, I do have some small hope that Bayonetta 3 does come out this year. Platinum didn’t release anything in 2018, except for a port of NieR: Automata for Xbox One, which doesn’t really count. They have a few projects in the works like this, and another game further down on this list, so I imagine they’re hard at work on those.

#5: Kingdom Hearts 3

As a pure franchise, Kingdom Hearts has two basic problems: Tetsuya Nomura and Kingdom Hearts fans. At its most basic, Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 are perfectly fine but all the stupid side-stories, sequels, prequels and god knows what ruin it, that’s where the Nomura problem comes in. The fan problem is they take everything Nomura craps out as some sort of Holy Scripture and that he has some great plan, when he’s been pulling stuff out of his ass for YEARS. Aside from this ranting, the battle system of Kingdom Hearts 3 looks like fun and pretty varied. I wish the worlds were different but I guess I’ll get to see in a few weeks.

#4: Judgement

This is basically a Yakuza game with a cop as the protagonist, and that’s pretty interesting. You also had some light investigation stuff in Yakuza games but it always seemed a tad awkward, given the nature of the character and story. Here, your hero is a detective, so photographing people and following them around makes a lot more sense. Plus, the game just looks great, even more detailed than Yakuza 6 or Kiwami 2, with a more active battle system, so it should be a lot of fun to play.

#3: Granblue Fantasy: Relink

This is the other Platinum game that I mentioned above and is even more of an unknown quantity than Bayonetta 3 is, despite more footage of it being out there. I have no knowledge/involvement with the Granblue franchise but this game looks like a gorgeous RPG with some very fast combat mixed in. I’m sure it’ll have the usual quick combat that Platinum is known for but mixing it with a RPG is going to be a lot of fun. This looks like a more adult/beautiful looking version of Ni no Kuni 2, to me.

#2: Psychonauts 2

While I didn’t back this game, I’m still glad it’s being made. I’ve played/beat Psychonauts 1 on multiple platforms: PS2, PC and Xbox 360 and enjoyed it more each and every time. There aren’t enough 3D platformers out there anymore, and while the recent re-releases of Crash and Spyro are nice, it’s not something new. Plus, I just like the world of Psychonauts, Raz is a good hero and the original game had a lot of unique gameplay that I hope the second one can match or even exceed.

#1: Resident Evil 2

I’m hoping everyone has played the demo that has been released for the game because it’s good. I actually didn’t play RE7 but this game makes me want to give it a good crack and see if I like it. While I did play the original Resident Evil as a kid, RE2 was really “my” Resident Evil and one of the ones I spent the most time in. While the camera angle/gunplay is obviously different, the layout of the police station was instantly familiar to me as were certain items. I literally said “Oh yeah, the Spade Key” in reference to a locked door and somewhere I needed to be. This game is due out just next week and it should be a blast.

For comments, list which games you’re looking forward to and why.

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