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The 8 Ball: Top 8 Needed Nintendo Switch Ports – Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect Trilogy, More

November 27, 2018 | Posted by Marc Morrison
Red Dead Redemption

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball! This week I’m here to talk about Switch games and the needed/wanted ports I’d like to see come to the system. The caveat here is that the Switch isn’t on a mobile network, so while everyone would want Overwatch or (especially) Hearthstone to come to it, it’s not going to happen. Also, the Switch has comparable power to a PS3/360, so something like Monster Hunter World isn’t happening either. Let’s begin:

#8: Shadowhand/Regency Solitaire/Solitairica

I’m kind of lumping all of these together because they are variations on a theme, that of Solitaire. Shadowhand and Regency Solitaire are like 99% the same thing, just with some slight differences in presentation and story. Both are a lot of fun to play, though. Solitaricia is a bit different in its look and mechanics but still has a lot of the same overall systems as the other two games. It just has more of a focus on fighting monsters and such. All three would be pretty good Switch ports, however.

#7: Divekick

Two people could literally play Divekick using one Joy-Con if they were so inclined. Having only two buttons to worry about tends to help with that. Divekick has been ported to most other platforms, so why not the Switch? It’s still a pretty good “pick up and play” game, fostering a party atmosphere which is what Nintendo seems to want the Switch to do. Divekick does have some hidden depth to it but most anyone can understand the basic idea of it.

#6: Bully/Red Dead Redemption 1

Again, I’m putting both games on here for the same basic reason. Bully is a slightly more kid-friendly version of GTA only with the setting being a boarding school and surrounding town. Bully is very approachable from a kid perspective, most of the combat is just beating people up or shooting them with slingshots or potato guns. Red Dead Redemption is a violent, Western game, to be sure, but RDR 2 is *never* hitting the Switch, just for technical reasons alone. The Switch could be pretty capable of pulling off the first Red Dead though, so why not?

#5: Metroid Prime Trilogy

This has been on both Wii and Wii U, so why not the Switch? Especially since Metroid Prime 4 is still lurking in the ether, ready to actually be shown sometime within the next five years? The motion controls in these game might be a *tad* annoying, but if it could be adapted to work on the Wii U, it can surely be adapted for the Switch. Plus, all the Metroid Prime games are decent enough, they may not be the best games ever, but first person Metroid does work well with the franchise.

#4: Mass Effect Trilogy

Speaking of scifi trilogies: Mass Effect. I think the only Mass Effect game to appear on a Nintendo console has been ME 3 on the Wii U. A collection of all the games on the Switch would be a lot of fun, especially since the series is in hibernation and/or dead. My only requirement for the trilogy is that they fix some of the technical issues of the games, particularly the texture pop-in and slowdown from the first game. But, imagine how cool it would be to have handheld Mass Effect as you ride the bus or go over to a friend’s place.

#3: House Flipper

House Flipper is a supremely relaxing game to me. You either buy house or take jobs where you have to clean up the house, paint it, install new appliances, fix current problems in the house, etc. For the specific jobs you are given tasks to accomplish, like painting a room a particular color, or setting up furniture for a bedroom but when you buy a house to flip, you are generally given the freedom to decorate it however you want. My idea for a Switch version is to keep the general format of the PC game but add in Nintendo stuff. Have a Mario-branded bathroom tile or a Legend of Zelda-inspired bed. The amount of Pokemon stuffed animals you could have in the game could practically break it, alone. This is the one game on this list where a simple port could be doable, but adding in Nintendo-specific features would make it so, so better.

#2: Wind Waker HD

I think this is still the only “main” Zelda game I haven’t played, aside from Skyward Sword, which doesn’t count due to the goofy motion controls. From most accounts, Wind Waker is a hell of a game and the HD version improved it by cutting down some of the bloat that most Zelda games have and improving the sailing. The art style remains great in the game though and it’s one that could probably work really well on the Switch.

#1: Mario Galaxy 1 and 2

These games, at least the first one, are already coming to some Chinese Nvidia Shield, so why not America? Plus, the first one is coming to the Shield in HD which makes it a tad better looking than when it was, running on the GameCube. Both games don’t have a *ton* of motion controls, and the stuff that is in there can obviously be adapted to a controller interface. Both games are also some of the best 3D Mario games around, behind Odyssey and (possibly) Mario 64 but way, WAY ahead of Sunshine. It has to be fairly trivial to bring these to the Switch, so why not?

For comments, list you most needed/wanted Switch ports below!

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