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Top 8 Terrible Video Game Sequels – Grand Theft Auto 4, Mega Man X7, More

April 16, 2019 | Posted by Marc Morrison
Grand Theft Auto 4

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball! Last week I talked about unconventional sequels and I’m here this week to talk about bad ones. Some of these games are well-liked or well -reviewed but this is my list and my thoughts of those games being bad. I’m also picking some more well-known games. I don’t anyone is going to care that Bubsy 3D is terrible, considering Bubsy 1 and 2 were also garbage fires. Let’s begin:

#8: Saints Row 2

Saints Row 1 was a decent enough GTA clone. Saints Row 2 amped it up with more comedy and better voice acting but it had two fatal flaws. The first is that the PC version, which is the one I played, is jacked. The controller support is terrible with it going “Press button 1 to shoot” and me going “What the hell is button 1?” Also, the optimization was…poor. The second, more important, problem is how you unlock quests in the game. You actually have to have a certain level of respect in order for your character to actually have access to DO THE STORY. So you have to do side-content, which becomes main content, when you need to gain more respect. Thankfully, Saints Row 3 and 4 do away with this nonsense.

#7: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

I *really* loved Morrowind, and I was even playing an inferior version (Original Xbox) version of it. It had a creativity that most RPGs didn’t have, the combat was serviceable and you could really break the game if you knew what you were doing. While Oblivion does have Patrick Stewart in it, that’s about the only positive it has. The combat isn’t as good, there are only about 3 locations it seems, and the story was trash. The idea of these games is supposed to be a power fantasy that *you* are the chosen one. Only in Oblivion, you aren’t. Instead, you watch an animality-esque fight with Martin and the bad guy and just wait till it’s over.

#6: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess was the game that really broke the Zelda formula for me. I firmly believe that the quicker that you start the adventure in Zelda, the better the game will be. That’s why the first NES Zelda game is the best one! OK, I’m being a bit hyperbolic with this sentiment but I like it in a Zelda game when you just start exploring and getting on with your quest. Twilight Princess didn’t have that, instead it had an endless opening where you have to hunt down birds and wrangle wild bulls as they come down a hill. Also the whole “Link turns into a wolf” thing felt really copied from Okami, for some reason. Twilight Princess isn’t the worst mainstream Zelda game, that is still Zelda 2 (anyone who likes it is objectively wrong), but Twilight Princess is the worst popular Zelda game, by far.

#5: Call of Duty: Ghosts

When the best thing about your game is Brandon Routh, you *may* have some problems. You can clearly tell this was meant to be Infinity Ward’s new franchise after Modern Warfare but it didn’t hit at all. The story was bad, the action was bland and it just didn’t add anything new or fresh to the series, aside from a few short sequences where you control a dog. It’s telling that the new game IW did was Infinite Warfare, which had a few problems, wasn’t the mess that this game was.

#4: Fallout 4

So, Fallout 4 did one thing right – it got rid of weapon durability. Nick was also an alright companion, and some of the other characters were interesting. Uh…that’s about it. Somehow, the shooting feels worse than in Fallout 3 and I’m not sure why. The story is weird, it’s a “fish out of water” intro but goes absolutely nowhere. I truly hated the faction system as I felt all 3 of the main ones (Brotherhood, Institute and Railroad) were all kind of crappy. Also, while I know a few people that enjoyed it, the majority of the populace (me included) either couldn’t figure out or actively hated the settlement system. It just seemed so weird in the game and bolted on. Fallout 76 is a much worse game, but that’s due to their stupid design and technical issues. Fallout 4 is bad because of the story and the plot going nowhere and that’s why I don’t like it.

#3: Grand Theft Auto 4

“Hey cousin, bowling again?!” God, was Roman a clingy bastard. And if you don’t acquiesce to his demands for non-stop hanging out, he would get all butt-hurt about it when you’re trying to hang out with someone actually interesting, or god forbid, doing the storyline. GTA 4 is a truly impressive game from a technical perspective. The city looks great and is well designed and there are little touches everywhere to make it unique. The problem end of the game is the story and gameplay don’t hold up. Niko should have dropped Roman like a stone once he became annoying. The shooting and driving are bad, with the shooting being a regression from San Andreas and the driving camera being so low as to make it a hassle to get into any car.

#2: Mega Man X7

I’ll admit I hadn’t played much of the later Mega Man X series when they were coming out. I played/loved Mega Man X4 and stopped till X8 came out. When I reviewed the Mega Man X Collection last year I was aghast at this one. X5 and X6 are pretty bog-standard X games. I can’t fathom who designed this game the way they did. For a game with “Mega Man X” in the title, you don’t play as X for large chunks of the game, instead you are either Zero or Axl (introduced here) instead, in forced sequences. The 2D sequences are bad but the 3D ones are the truly awful stuff. The camera is somewhat isometric but gets in the way of telling you where enemies are, leading to a lot of cheap deaths. His “Copy Shot” thing is used in dumb puzzles but not much else. You *can* modernize Mega Man, X8 is a perfect example of how to do so, but X7 is a travesty of a Mega Man game.

#1: Mass Effect Andromeda

Yeesh, way to kill a franchise, right EA? Every other franchise on this list, aside from Fallout, has found a way to redeem itself. GTA 5 is amazing, as is Saints Row 3 or Breath of the Wild. Well, Andromeda sucked so hard that there won’t a revival of that franchise for a good 10 years at the very least. I can almost discount the myriad of technical issues the game has, the non-stop T-posing NPCs or the facial animation system being garbage. What I can’t (and won’t) forgive is the half-assed story, lame characters, and just dull gameplay. The shooting was fine but that was it, trying to direct your squad-mates around was terrible. The less said about “PB”, the better. And I love the conceit of “This is a whole new, unexplored galaxy!” and there are only two new races that are met, one semi-good and the other evil. Wow, what an expansive universe you have created. This was a total mess of a game from start to bottom.

For comments, list your own hated sequel games and why.

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