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The 8 Ball: Top 8 Wanted Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds

August 8, 2017 | Posted by Marc Morrison
Kingdom Hearts 3 Kingdom hearts III

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball! With the release of the recent Toy Story/Kingdom Hearts world trailer a few weeks ago, it got me thinking about other places I’d like the Kingdom Hearts franchise to explore. I’m honestly not that up to date on Kingdom Hearts, only playing the first two “main” games, so if any of these games appeared in some spin-off or side story, it doesn’t count, and I don’t care. I also only picked two Pixar movies for this list as a small limitation. Frankly, most Pixar movies could easily translate into a Kingdom Hearts game world, but it would unbalance this list. Let’s begin:

#8: Star Wars

Honestly, this and my next pick, are the two most obvious choices for an article like this. Especially since there have been two games in the Infinity series that dealt with this more directly. It’d be hard to pinpoint a specific era of Star Wars to visit, but I’d go with “current”, as in The Force Awakens, and maybe have Finn captured by the Heartless, with Sora and Rey having to rescue him. It’d be cool to have a light saber/Keyblade combo weapon to mess up Heartless Stormtroopers with, if for no other reason.

#7: Marvel

Again, a fairly generic idea, but much bigger than Star Wars given the nature of the past 70+ years of comics. I know that if Marvel ever did become a part of Kingdom Hearts, it’d be the cinematic universe, which is just kind of boring now (see Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite as example 1). If there was a Marvel world, I’d want it to be you with a team of well-known characters trying to takedown an evil-infused Galactus or something along those lines. Maybe you could dual-wield a Keyblade and Mjölnir or something like that, showing that Sora is “worthy”.

#6: Inside Out

This is where we get into specific movies and shows and my idea for an Inside Out world is an odd one. My idea is basically that you go inside Sora’s head and interact with either the movie characters (Anger, Hope, Fear, etc.) or representatives of them (Donald is Anger, Mickey is Hope, etc.). You would then have to overcome Sora’s self-doubt in order to unlock his own heart. I would actually imagine this to be a pretty late-game world, maybe some plan goes fatally wrong and now Sora is questioning everything, which requires him going inside his own mind to try and fix it.

#5: Kim Possible

I never really watched Kim Possible when it was on, since I was slightly older than the demographics it was targeting. Still, I know it was a fairly beloved series by its fans, had some clever writing and good voice work, and had a fairly unique hook for a spy/super hero show. Square could always expand on the whole “Princesses of Heart” concept, to include Kim Possible. The switch could be that Kim would be your companion in the world against the likes of Dr. Drakken and Shego.

#4: The Muppets

How great would it be to interact with the Muppets in a Kingdom Hearts game? You could team up with Kermit or Fozzie and have to stop an infected Ms. Piggy from an evil scheme. The Muppets have had a generally rough go of it over the past few years (if not decades, The Muppets in 2011 aside), so having them pop up here would be pleasant. You could also just go completely off the rails and have it be a musical world instead, with Kermit singing Rainbow Connection to show the key hole, or Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem doing a song for the end boss fight. Plus, as we’ve seen from the Toy Story trailer, Sora and friends change their form based on the world, and I imagine having a Muppet version of Sora would be great.

#3: WALL-E

Of the Pixar movies, WALL-E is likely never going to get a sequel. Still, the world of it could be mined for more material. My idea for a WALL-E world is after the Axiom has landed and everyone is trying to rebuild the world. The Heartless invade and are trying to pollute it again to kill off hope and make it a barren wasteland. You and WALL-E need to team up to stop them and clean up the Heartless. Really, that’s about it. Maybe Sora, Donald and Goofy could get robotic forms to help them blend in.

#2: Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck is almost tailor-made for a Kingdom Hearts world. You could team up with DW as you battle your way across the city of St. Canard, to try and rescue Gosalyn from Negaduck or someone. Actually, you could also just have it be an arena type of world (since Square seems to love this concept, for some reason), and have your party battle different Darkwing Duck bad guys. Quakerjack, Megavolt, The Liquidator, Bushroot, Steelbeak, etc. You would still beat up Negaduck in the end though, to rescue Gosalyn. Imagine the Colosseum world from Kingdom Hearts 1, just with a much better franchise attached to it.

#1: Gargoyles

Man, how great would a Gargoyles world be? Disney seems to have forgotten this show which is a real shame. It was the first stab at a mature show and it went brilliantly, with multi-layered villains, long semi-serialized plotlines, more violence than you’d expect for a Disney show, and a really intricate mythology of a lot of different common stories. Imagine Sora, Goofy and Donald sprouting gargoyle wings, flying around a version of Manhattan, and teaming up with Goliath? I’d pre-order the game immediately if they showed off a trailer for that. Given Disney’s reluctance, this would never happen. Although, if they put Tron in KH2, maybe anything is possible.

For comments, list which Disney properties you’d like to see in Kingdom Hearts 3.

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