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Top 8 Wanted Launch Games for PS5/XBSX

September 30, 2020 | Posted by Marc Morrison
Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball. I figured with the recent PlayStation showcase and the somewhat less recent Xbox One Series X show it might be interesting to see what launch games that are looking good. This is just my own thoughts on the lineups of each console, aside from three games, the other 5 are on both platforms. Let’s begin:

#8: Demon’s Souls

I actually don’t care at all about this game but I’ll give it credit and say that the recent trailer did make it look very pretty. It honestly also looked a tad more action-focused since the guy in the trailer looked like he was one-shotting most enemies he came across, aside from the boss at the end. Also, like I said, the game does look very nice and has an interesting design to it all. I won’t get it but I know scores of people who probably will.

#7: Watch Dogs: Legion

I’m still unsure of how you build a story-based game around not having a main character but I guess I’ll see in a few months. I really disliked the first Watch Dogs game but that was because the main character, Aiden Pierce, was one of the most unlikable protagonists ever created for a game. Watch Dogs 2 was a real game though, featuring a good story and a hero character/gang that had personality. I have a lot more questions about this game than the other Ubisoft title on this list, but it would be nice if it actually works out.

#6: Dirt 5

Sad to say that Dirt 5 is probably going to be my last chance for the Dirt franchise and most of Codemasters games as a whole. It’s not that most of them are bad games, they just no personality or driving force (pardon the pun) in them. I mean, the peak of the franchise is still probably Dirt 2, at least to most fans, myself included. I’m cautiously optimistic for this game for two reasons: 1. It looks a lot more colorful than the last few Dirt games have been. And 2. It at least will have some semblance of a story mode, regardless of the actual quality of it.

#5: Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

This may be a gussied up port but hey, that’s fine. I didn’t play this game, so having it on a new console with a new playable character means I’ll likely give it more of a shot. I was the guy who loved the DmC game in 2013 from Ninja Theory, and disliked the earlier Capcom ones. Still, 5 got some decent reviews and I think it’s about the only pure action-based game on either new console.

#4: Tetris Effect Connected

It’s more Tetris Effect, I see zero problem with this. Granted this will be an Xbox exclusive for a bit I am still dying to play it once it comes to the other consoles. It has cooperative and competitive online modes. Frankly, that’s all I need to hear in order to buy it again on the PS5, even if I do have to wait some time before it comes there. I wish it could form up with Tetris 99 but that is probably a pipe dream at this point.

#3: Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

I’ve…not been a fan of the more recent AC games. Origins was kind of a mess and Odyssey was way too bloated for its own good. I doubt a lot of the recent trends will be rectified for Valhalla but actually making the Hidden Blade capable of killing guys again in a stealthy way is a nice first step. Also, at least it’s a fairly unique setting for a game though I am curious how a franchise that is primarily known for climbing up buildings, is going to work in spots that don’t have them, but if Origins/Odyssey did it, this can do. I also can’t wait for the supremely stupid fantasy battle fights you’ll have, I’m sure I’ll be laughing my butt off in those events.

#2: Yakuza: Like a Dragon

The reviews for this game are already good, which makes sense since it’s been out in Japan for a while now. Turning the Yakuza franchise from an action/adventure brawler into a turn-based RPG is a strange choice but one that has worked out well for Sega. I like that it has a new, not-so-serious hero in Ichiban, who is a bit more personable than Kiryu is. The battle system seems a tad simple but I actually think that’s good since it doesn’t overcomplicate things. Also, the summons in the game look absolutely hysterical. Also, I think it’s the only turn-based RPG for either console launch.

#1: Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Make no mistake, Miles Morales is the game I plan on getting when I get my PS5, specifically the “Ultimate Launch Edition” which includes the remastered Spider-Man copy. I got the Platinum trophy in the original Spider-Man release and I’m fairly certain I’ll get it again on both the remastered version and in Miles Morales. Even if Miles is a shorter game than base Spider-Man, it still looks like a ton of fun with new powers and moves, particularly when it comes to stealthing around environments. Now we just need a Spider-Ham game to come out next.

For comments, list which launch games interest you and why.

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