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The 8 Ball: Top 8 Wanted Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Characters

December 18, 2018 | Posted by Marc Morrison
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball! Like many people I was surprised that they announced a new Ultimate Alliance game during the Game Awards. The fact that it’s not made or published by Activision and is only going to be a Nintendo-exclusive is more surprising. The not-surprising thing is that they are heavily using the MCU look/roster, which is about the most boring thing you could think of. Not that the MCU isn’t great (it is), but just having Black Widow in her onesie, or the usual Guardians of the Galaxy is just so boring at this point. With that said, here’s a list of some of the characters I want, mostly X-Men, which probably won’t be in the game. Jessica Jones and Cosmic Ghost Rider would also be good picks, but that’s just me. Enjoy:

#8: Goldballs

There aren’t a lot of great, recent Marvel characters in the past decade or two. Most that are introduced are usually part of some multi-issue/team spanning event that after they are introduced are quickly forgotten about. See: Layla Miller and Hope Summers as examples 1 and 2. Goldballs doesn’t fit this mold, while he was a pet project for his creator (Bendis/Bachalo), he wasn’t the focal point for a crossover event and thus was never over-exposed. Plus, I just like his overall character and power set. Imagine being able to shoot golden balls at Ultron robots or Thanos? Lastly: HIS NAME IS FREAKING “GOLDBALLS”! What more do you want?

#7: Cannnonball

Cannonball has actually been in one of these games before, apparently he was in X-Men Legends 2 on the PSP, which I’m sure was a *great* way to play that game. In my vision though, Cannonball would be a great mobility and fast character. You could use his power set to pinball around a level, smashing into enemies and destroying crates and barrels to get health pickups. He may not be as versatile as other characters on this list but Sam Guthrie could be a lot of fun if done correctly.

#6: Emma Frost

I think Emma was in the first X-Men Legends game but I can’t remember much about her. She was a superb character in the Avengers Alliance FB game though. In this type of game she could be a great debuff character. You could play a damage-over-time debuff on enemies so they are killed slowly. Or apply an effect on them where if they damage you, they are in returned damaged themselves. Plus, her diamond form can open up a lot of possibilities by also making her a brawler/power house type of character.

#5: Gambit

Gambit is a fan-favorite character, who has been in a few of the Ultimate Alliance games before. He can throw cards, use his staff and look a little cool all while doing it. Other games have had different effects for his cards and I see no difference here. He would be a good area-of-effect character, being able to clear a room with ease. Or a good single-target fighter, able to really damage and focus on a boss. He was also a lot of fun to use in Marvel Heroes.

#4: Blink

What if there was a character like Nightcrawler but they had more offensive powers? Well, you get Blink. She can also teleport around but she also can summon teleportation spears to throw at allies and enemies to either help or harm them. I think she was in X-Men Legends 2 as the transport system, but that’s no fun. She can teleport around an area but also use her javelins to injure enemies, teleporting them into hazards or just into the wall or something. That would be a lot of fun.

#3: Iceman

I’ve always liked Iceman in these games. For one, he is usually fun to move with, since you create ice-bridges to slide around on. Also, using ice-beams is just fun, you can slow down enemies and damage them at the same time. Higher-end powers include summoning giant snowballs (or snow men), more focused beams, or creating blizzards to damage foes. Plus, I always kept him around in earlier Ultimate Alliance/Legends games because he was the only character who could put out fires, which was actually useful.

#2: Rogue

Rogue is the Kirby of the Marvel world. Okay, okay, there are other characters who do similar stuff, Mimic, Synch, Hope Summers, but Rogue is by far the most well-known power copier/stealer in the Marvel universe. She was basically done perfectly in Marvel Heroes, you would have to borrow other characters powers and then you could slot them into your action bar. Wanted Wolverine claws? Find a Wolverine and hit the button and you can always use them. Same for Psylocke’s psi-knife, or Storm’s cyclone or dozens of other powers you could borrow and they would be permanently added to your power library. Rogue’s power set has changed a lot since her introduction but this is the best way to handle her in this type of game.

#1: Cyclops

Cyclops is usually my main character in games like this. He was the first character I unlocked in Marvel Heroes and the character I would almost always main in the earlier Ultimate Alliance/Legends games. I really prefer ranged characters in these types of games, melee characters aren’t my forte. In addition to his usual different size/ability of his beams, Cyclops usually has some sort of team-wide buffs, for leadership and whatnot, which help make the overall team more effective. Considering that the only X-Men they’ve shown is Wolverine so far, I can only hope Cyclops is put into the game as well as most of the other team.

For comments, list your most wanted Ultimate Alliance 3 character and why.

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