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The 8 Ball: Top 8 Wanted Smash Bros Characters – Rayman, Earthworm Jim, More

March 27, 2018 | Posted by Marc Morrison
Earthworm Jim

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball! With the relatively recent reveal of Smash Bros coming to the Switch, there have been questions like “Is it a port of the Wii U version?” or “What characters would you want to see in this one?” I thought I might answer the second question with this column. The obvious character I’m missing here is Crash Bandicoot, but I’m just not sure how well he could translate into a Smash character. That’s just me, though. Let’s begin:

#8: Earthworm Jim

While Earthworm Jim did come to the Genesis (among other platforms) I always considered it more of a SNES game because of the better controls. I could see an Earthworm Jim fighter using his guns to shoot, using the worm to whip or capture other fighters, use the rocket for the upward special attack and for a super move, calling in a few cows to randomly land on areas of the battlefield to eliminate players.

#7: Bub/Bob

Bub and Bob might not have the biggest history in the world, but if Pit can make it into a game, why not one of them? As a character, you could have them blowing harmful bubbles at other fighters, or perhaps putting them in a bubble. They also have rapid fire bubble blowing abilities, as well as elemental ones. For the “up attack”, they could ride a bubble for a few seconds to get upward momentum/damage players. The super-attack can be Bub (or Bob) filling themselves up with air, becoming giagantic, so other players are knocked off the stage, basically copying Jigglepuff’s move.

#6: Bonk

Bonk was largely the mascot for the TG-16, and he was pretty cool. He could head-butt guys, do a diving head-butt from a jump, and he can also eat huge chunks of meat to get stronger/do more damaging attacks. Most of these moves could easily translate to a Smash Bros moveset. I think the final smash could be what happens when Bonk really powers up, his head kind of explodes, and he gains invincibility/speed up for a short amount of time. Think like how Sonic becomes Super Sonic, only without the flying/bad controls.

#5: Rayman

As evidenced last year, Ubisoft clearly has an affection for Mario. So why not have Ubisoft throw in Rayman for a Smash Bros game? I’m honestly not sure what his overall moves could be. He can run, jump, punch, and do a helicopter twirl with his head, and that’s all fine, but I’m not really sure what special moves he could pull out. Maybe he just uses various Rabbids for attacks? I do think the final smash should involve music, maybe a small rhythm game that can damage other players? Those are just some of my general ideas.

#4: Shovel Knight

Everyone’s favorite Mega Man-inspired hero is probably a lock for a new Smash Bros game. Believe me, if there’s a Shovel Knight amiibo, look for him in the game. I can see him using his various shovel attacks to attack other players, or maybe parry their attacks back at them. For a final smash, he could turn either into the Black Knight or Plague Knight and have more moves at his disposal against other fighters.

#3: Chrono

This is one off the two big ones I really have on this list. Chrono would be a damn near perfect pick for Smash Bros, he has a ton of moves, uses his sword for a weapon and has a lot of personality. It might be really interesting if his final smash incorporated the time travel mechanic. Like, it could damage other players, but also help restore health to himself. Or, he could just call in Frog and have him lay waste to everyone.

#2: Reggie

There’s kind of a caveat with this one, I want Reggie to be a playable character but also the final boss. Instead of this Master Hand/Crazy Hand/Master Core, among numerous other bosses, I want the final boss to just be an amped up Reggie who goes to town on you. For a player character, he has the same moves, but is just weaker. For god’s sake, there’s also video of him AS a Smash Bros character, so why not? His final smash would involve him turning into a puppet and going even wilder.

#1: Buck Bumble (Joke)


#1: Geno

Aside from Chrono, Geno is the other big character that almost everyone wants to see in a Smash Bros game. He was probably the breakout star of Mario RPG, and fans (including me) have been wanting him to actually be in another game for the past 20+ years. His move set could be adapted to be in a Smash Bros game, with his ranged and melee attacks mirroring what he can do in Mario RPG. If you want him to be stronger, do a Geno Boost, while his Beam/Blast attacks could target foes from afar. His final smash could be the Geno Flash, where he turns into a cannon and just decimates the battlefield with attacks. This used to be a lot more far-fetched before, but with Mario RPG on the SNES Classic and more unique Square games being released on the Switch/3DS, the relationship between Nintendo and Square seems to have patched itself up, somewhat.

For comments, list which characters you’d like to see in Smash Bros and why.

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