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Top 8 Wanted Smash Bros Characters

November 12, 2019 | Posted by Marc Morrison
Kingdom Hearts Sora

Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball! With Terry Bogard being released into Smash Bros recently, I thought it might be fun to do another of these types of lists. This is all just wild speculation and desires on my part of characters I’d like to see introduced into the game. Let’s begin:

#8: Geno

Mario RPG has long been the redheaded step-child for Nintendo. While fans love it, the fact that it was co-devloped with Square has seemingly really annoyed Nintendo, given how little they’ve done with the franchise/characters. Frankly, Smash Bros could use Geno, Mallow and Boshi (the Yoshi with attitude) in the game, but Geno is probably the most recognizable and with a move set that could work well in a Smash Bros setting. Square and Nintendo have patched up their relationship recently, so why not?

#7: Travis Touchdown

It’s honestly kind of weird that No More Heroes is generally looked at as a Nintendo franchise, Travis hasn’t been in a Smash Bros game. While some of the No More Heroes games have been ported to other consoles, most people still associate No More Heroes with the Nintendo brand. I could see Travis being a close-range fighter like Marth or Roy but having his beam saber change it up some. You could charge the beam saber to either do more melee damage, or perhaps fire off energy waves, depending on how much charge it has. If it runs out of juice though, you have to recharge it mid-battle to get it going again.

#6: Mike Haggar

I haven’t played every character in Smash Bros, especially some of the more obscure Fire Emblem ones, but I don’t think there’s a dedicated grappler in the franchise? Unless I’m wrong? A few characters are fairly melee-focused, like Ganondorf or Captain Falcon, but none are explicitly all about grabbing or beating people over the heads with metal pipes. I think if you did have a character like Haggar (or Zangief) you might have to mess with the controls a bit, because I don’t think most Smash Bros fans would understand how to do a 360 move.

#5: Knuckles

For a franchise that has been going for almost 30 years, there is exactly one Sonic the Hedgehog character in Smash Bros: Sonic himself. While ancillary characters like Shadow, Amy, and Silver are all lame, Tails and especially Knuckles still have their fans in the world. I could see another melee-focused fighter here as well but a lot more air attacks. Knuckles big thing is gliding after all, so I could see him having some incredible recovery abilities, but maybe being slow or having less range than other fighters.

#4: Bomberman

He’s a guy who chucks bombs at people, what more do you need?! Bomberman is a character that has been around forever, and with most people still probably saying Bomberman ’93 (or perhaps ’94) as the best Bomberman games. I could see Bomberman obviously throwing bombs at people, but also using one as a rocket to fly around, or being able to set up proximity mines around the level, which don’t hurt him. Actually, it might make an interesting approach if he was invulnerable to explosions, but was lighter than most of the other characters.

#3: Sora

While I don’t think there has been any main Kingdom Hearts games on Nintendo consoles (the handheld stuff doesn’t count), Sora is a natural fit for a Smash Bros game, you can attack with the Keyblade, you have magical spells for offense and defense, and you have plenty of Final Smash options, like giving Sora a different form, or tagging in Donald and Goofy for a big attack. Honestly, I could see Sora playing a hybrid of Link and Zelda, which would be pretty cool.

#2: Ultimate Spider-Man

I think the main Spider-Man (Peter Parker) is probably out, as far as being added to a Smash Bros game. However, Miles Morales would be a pretty good fit. He’s younger and has more cross-demographic support than the main Spider-Man at this point. Plus, they could get Shameik Moore to voice him, which would give Into the Spider-Verse fans something to appreciate. They did just make that Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 game on the Switch, so Sony doesn’t wholly own the character, and Ultimate Spider-Man would be a better fit than most other Marvel characters.

#1: Rayman

Rayman might be the only kid-friendly mascot they got. While I’d love it if Ezio or Kassandra got put into Smash, I don’t foresee them adding “Stabbing dude in the neck” as your main special move. Rayman is a good fit though, with at least an interesting look and moveset. He can hover in mid-air, charge up his punches for bigger attacks (like Donkey Kong), fire off energy fists, and would just be a fast and fun character to use. Rayman might not have a ton of star power but considering some of the obscure characters in these Smash Bros games, he would do well in the game, I imagine.

For comments, list which characters you’d like to see in Smash and why.

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