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Trailer Arrives For The Walking Dead: Our World

June 26, 2018 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Walking Dead

AMC and Next Games have released a trailer for The Walking Dead: Our World, a new location-based, augmented reality (AR) mobile game that arrives on July 12 for Android and iOS. Players will be able to fight walkers and interact with characters from the show like Rick, Michonne and Daryl.

Here’s a synopsis: The Walking Dead: Our World encourages players to defend their neighborhoods from Walkers by walking around in the real world to move their avatar around. Players will be able to see Walkers with AR, through the phone’s camera. Along with fighting of the Walkers in the players surrounding area, they will be able to collect ‘stashes’ to help their cause. What these ‘stashes’ include is unknown, but they will most likely include tools to help players defeat the Walkers. Of course, players will not being taking on the zombie apocalypse alone as they can recruit characters of the show that can be leveled up as players move forward in the game.