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There’s an Unofficial Pro Wrestling Class For D&D Now

March 5, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Wrestler D&D

As long as there’s been D&D, there have been people making up their own rules for the game. Homebrewed mechanics, classes and the like are a core part of many roleplaying group’s tables. That’s led to some great stuff that have been created, including whole homebrewed settings, or classes like Matthew Mercer’s Blood Hunter class. Of course, there’s a lot of nonsense out there too, but that’s where the DM’s Guild comes into play. The official site for aspiring RPG designers to release and sell their own homebrewed content has provided a platform for new Fifth Edition to rise or fall based on its merits and feedback from players.

And now there is a homebrewed class on the marketplace built around professional wrestling. There have been several subclasses released of varying quality since the DMs Guild’s launch of course. But The Wrestler, as created by Jordan Allen, is the first full-fledged class to see release there. It is now available and offers players the chance to bring some pro wrestling-style theatrics to their epic combats.

As you might imagine, the Wrestler is (mostly) a physical combat-based class as opposed to a magically-based one. With the HP level of a Fighter, the Wrestler is built around doing hand-to-hand damage similarly to a Monk. Like that class, your unarmed damage goes up as you gain in level. You also get “Signature Move Points,” which is similar to the Monk’s Ki points and allows you to perform a certain number of signature moves. These include things like Backbreakers, Suplexes, Stunners and even “Hulk Up” via the Crowd Cheering Reinvigoration which works similar to a Fighter’s Second Wind.

The Wrestler’s archetypes are built around wrestling styles: the Powerhouse, the Technician, the High-Flier and the Spiritualist. The latter adds a certain amount of arcane spellcasting to the class, while the first three work about how you might expect. The core mechanic of each Archetype is a “Finishing Maneuver” at level ten.

In terms of balance, there is probably a bit of work that could be done here. Most of it looks pretty well-handled but without actively playing it, it’s always hard to be sure. But in terms of sheer fun, there’s a lot of good stuff in here. If you’re looking for a fun class to play and your DM isn’t worried about fights sometimes getting a little goofy, the Wrestler isn’t a bad choice at all.

The class is currently available on DMs Guild at a “Pay What You Want” level, with a suggested price of $2.00.

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