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[VIDEO PODCAST] Vampire: The Masquerade Actual Play: Walking Shadow 10

January 30, 2017 | Posted by John Bates

Welcome back to the Vampire game you’ve all been thirsting for.

That’s just a supposition – I can’t confirm any of you have been thirsting for anything, much less this. I just used it for comedic effect, and then immediately began explaining my own joke in order to quell any potential humor it may have had. Anyways, this week the gang is back – still sans two people but sans two different people from last week – and continuing our slow but inevitable quest towards finding whoever is roaming around the city posing as one of our own.

If you didn’t know that was our quest, I really can’t blame you.

Most RPGs can have a tendency to roam far from their original goal or quest; I know, for instance, of a group of people who got sidetracked on a three day sidequest that resulted in an ambush they had been attempting to set up previously being itself ambushed because they took their time. This is as much the fault of the magpie-like personalities of roleplaying game enthusiasts as it is the GM for offering the distraction, but in an era where this content is consumed by more than just the people playing the games it can be unintentionally confusing to those listening or watching and for that we apologize.

It’s not intentional though – it can be very hard to keep track of these things. Most RPG sessions are played once a week, once every other week, once a month, and sometimes just ‘once in a while’. In game, nothing really changes during that time – but out of game Elections, Protests, Childbirths, Birthdays, Celebrations, Vacations, Accidents, and many other things may have gone by. We take notes, but our perspective on the alternate reality of the game universe gets skewed to a point where three weeks have passed for us, and it feels like a month, but it’s only been a day in game. Combine that with other work, sessions, and projects in our head and information can get confused and screwy – even for the GM or Storyteller running things.

So, now that you’re brought up to speed – and I’ve explained why we the people playing games might seem confused some times – please enjoy.