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[VIDEO PODCAST] Vampire the Masquerade: Walking Shadow 11

February 6, 2017 | Posted by John Bates

So this week we discover what happens when you set a vampire on fire. That’s cool.

I really hope you guys are enjoying these videos – we put a lot of work into making content we enjoy and hope you do as well! In this case, a lot of the heavy lifting is done by Skype and OBS. We have the skype call set up and – ideally – the connection is stable for everyone. I then broadcast the video on several different layers – one for each person – and crop that layer down so only their video is visible. Then, arrange and voilà! A live stream Vampire the Masquerade game.

We’re always seeking to improve our content, so if anyone watching has a constructive suggestion they’d like to put forth we’ll gladly hear it! Feel free to comment wherever you can find us!

That being said – please enjoy!