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[VIDEO PODCAST] Vampire the Masquerade: Walking Shadow 16

March 20, 2017 | Posted by John Bates

This week in Vampire we develop unhealthy relationships with one another! Joy of joys!

So, Vampires have always been a dark monstrous mirror in which we discover the aspects of our humanity that we want to pretend don’t exist; The monster that preys on the very essence of the innocent, who twists people to madness and tears apart other more stable relationships. In roleplaying, it’s fun to extrapolate those darker aspects of ourselves out and be just the worst kinds of people – and we just happen to have a cast of people that do that very well this week in particular. It allows us to work out some of those issues we may have towards people we know that are like that in real life, and explore the other side of the equation.

Also, everyone loves playing a villain.

So please enjoy our villainous ways this week in Walking Shadow.