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Wizards of the Coast Deny They’re Changing the Core Ranger in D&D 5E

June 21, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Drizzt Do'Urdan Ranger D&D

The Ranger class is one of the most controversial in D&D’s Fifth Edition, but Wizards of the Coast is denying a report they’re changing it up. Senior D&D designer Jeremy Crawford took to Twitter to clarify a report by Kotaku, which quoted D&D boss Mike Mearls in a discussion about the upcoming Baldur’s Gate, which will use the 5E rules.

In the discussion, Mearls talked about balancing the classes and said, “There was one class we were working on at that got a lot of negative feedback, so I shot an email over to Nick [Pechenin, systems designer] about ‘Hey, we’re looking at making some changes, potentially playtesting some new material for this class in tabletop, just to let you guys know.'” He later clarified he was talking about the Ranger.

The Ranger has long been a source of criticism for D&D players in Fifth Edition, who have argued that the Beast Master subclass in particular is underpowered. Wizards even released a Revised Ranger class, which would potentially be an optional take on the class and not replace the core version. Crawford has clarified that Mearls was discussing alternative class features, which would be an optional rule set. Furthermore, the Ranger would be one of various classes that Wizards is “exploring” the optional rules for:

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