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Wizards of The Coast Updating D&D Introductory Set With D&D Essentials

May 27, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
D&D Essentials

Dungeons & Dragons is the world’s most iconic RPG, but it can be intimidating to get into — yes, even with Fifth Edition. Wizards of the Coast is looking to change that with their newest release. The D&D Starter Set that was launched at the beginning of 5E in July on 2014 is getting a makeover into the D&D Essentials Kit, which will release via Target next month with greater availability in the fall.

The goal of the Essentials Kit is to update the introductory rules in a way that makes it easier for new players to come on board. It’s been five years since 5E launched, and there have been several rules changes and clarifications since — not to mention new supplements, expansions and the like. What’s more, in the last five years Wizards has learned what works and what doesn’t in bringing players back into the game, as D&D has experienced its resurgence. That’s allowed them to streamline the way they bring new players on board.

The box will retail for $24.99 (about half the price of the Player’s Handbook) and will contain a condensed rulebook (64 pages) that guides players through creating characters and bringing them through the first six levels for the bass four classes (Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, Rogue) as well as the Bard. It will also include a brand-new adventure, Dragon of Icespire Peak. The adventure was written by D&D guru Chris Perkins and will be set around Phandalin, the setting of the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure. Finally, the box will have a poster map of Phandalin, a deck of cards that includes magic items, conditions and creatures from the adventure, a DM screen and dice.

For those who know their D&D, there is still some value here as the rulebook will feature a new single-player rules variant that uses something akin to the Sidekick rules that were an Unearthed Arcana playtest at the end of last year.

The D&D Essentials Kit will release on June 24th at Target, and will be available everywhere on September 3rd.