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WWE Legends Royal Rumble Card Game Announced

June 30, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Legends Royal Rumble Card Game

A new WWE-themed card game is on the way from Ravensburger featuring WWE legends in a Royal Rumble situation. Ravensburger has announced the WWE Legends Royal Rumble Card Game, which will release on July 26th.

According to, the game sees players take on the role of a WWE Legend including Macho Man Randy Savage, Andre the Giant, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Ric Flair, the Undertaker, the Million Dollar Man, Batista, Sting, Booker T, the Ultimate Warrior, and more. Each legend has a certain amount of health that is depleted by being attacked, and some attacks mimic signature moves and finishers which have special abilities.

The game allows for two to 10 players and is intended for ages 8 and up, with games taking 30-45 minutes to play. Each game comes with 30 WWE Legend placards, 30 Signature Move cards, 1 WWE Legends token, and 150 Action cards including kicks, strikes, movers, cheap tricks, and more. Several of the action cards contain scenes from famous WWE matches.